Recommending a helpful mechanic in Kenthao(Xayaburi province

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    Last january on my last day in Laos after a month's trip in the North,I was heading to the Thai boarder south of Paklai when I suddenly lost traction
    on my rented 250 AX:The four bolts of the rear sprocket had desappeared!

    A Song Taew stopped and the driver offered me a lift to Kenthao 40 kms to the south.He knew a garage dealing mainly with pick-ups lorries and buses

    The man in charge said he could fix the sprocket back and started the job immediately.

    He took a one meter long iron rod,and after 2 hours of cutting,lathing,adjusting,he finally welded 4 new bolts to the sprocket.
    He asked me 200Bahts for the job,I was prepared to pay much more!

    Location:Almost out of town on the way to the boarder,at the last big Xroads,turn left. It's a 100m down to the right.

    Sorry,I forgot to ask his name,but I'll pay him a courtesy visit this fall on
    my next trip.

    Cheers, Lung.

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