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  1. REally good price on a 750CC Honda 2007 does anyone know if those prices include the book?
  2. Ray, the 2 Dragstars pictured include book as they have been for sale for a while there as we saw them when there in April, so presume all prices include rego
  3. nothing to do with he sale post, but this weeks pun in one of your best/worst...
  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for the information on Red Baron, I am allways happy to see their sales.

    I bought bikes at this shop and were very satisfy, very serious and reliable people.

    They made Green Book and plates for me as they promised.

    I encourage all farangs to contact them when they need a bike, they are specialised in Japanese bikes.
  5. Everybody come running, the sale is on!!
    A (okay, new) Kawa 1400 GTR for only 20000 US! It's a bargain!! Sign me up, this deal won't last!! ;-)
  6. And on it goes!! Super deals!! A brand new 250cc Suzuki scooter - only ten thousand bucks!! A five year old Gold Wing, a steal at 30 grand!! Or the three year old KZ 10 R, maybe crashed, but fixed up very nicely - now only 15 thousand dollars!!
    Paperwork - no paperwork? Who cares at these prices!!
    Excuse me, folks, when I get a bit ironic here, but BIG bike prices in TH are a red flag for me. Don't want to make Red Baron look bad, I've only had good experiences with them, good luck to them. But at these prices I'll ride my little bike that costs as much new as the registration of one of these BIG bikes.
  7. Couldn't agree more about costs in Thailand, but as the saying goes the difference between men and boys is the cost of the toy's. Here you want to play your going to pay.
  8. I agree with that line, the bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. And in the US I had some nice bikes, a 1400 Intruder, a ZX9R, BMW K100RS, K75S, 750 Magna aso. The price/value ratio is acceptable there, but not here, at least not to me. I'll never spend 120K baht for a twelve year old 400cc chopper. Not even if I had a couple of million in the bank!
  9. In the Land of Smiles everything is about face in both senses of the phrase.

    Initially it is not the price of the bike - which is ludicrous in worldwide comparisons- but the value you put on biking.

    Then it is finding a bike to do the sort of ride you want to do
    and overcome the toe-curling moment of having to pay for it.
  10. One would assume that at some time you've tried to earn $20,000. Easy isn't it. :roll:
  11. Hi Friends,

    I could not agree more than that with you all.

    And specially with " Here you want to play your going to pay"

    Issue is don't think that as you stay in Thailand everything will cost peanuts.

    These Rhodie, KZ, Ray23 and others of this world, if you want to enjoy, you have to pay.

    But here you pay, you have the service and the Smile on top, I much prefer it than to be screw in Europe.

    Remember the word No Money, No Honey, that's applicable to bike as well.

    Now up to you to prefer gray areas, personnally I don't !
  12. I agree man, I agree.

    Up here in Chiang Mai I can get a grey/black import 1000cc+ sports bike (second hand) for between 250,000 - 300,000 baht which works out cheaper than the Red Barons pricy (but legit and decent) machines.
    I think for biking in the Bangkok and Pattaya places you need the legit bikes otherwise you'll get in a jam.
    But up in the North and the remote provinces the police couldn't care less over a plate and papers (unless you cross them or are unlucky).
  13. I know I probably sound like a whiner to some of you complaining about the high prices of motorcycles here, but heck, that's my opinion. If you can afford it, go for it, that's fine with me. "Nothing is expensive - you just don't have enough money", as a friend of mine once said in my general direction.
    Lots of posters say: This is the way it is, love it or leave it - fine with me, I do the latter - but: Why is it that way? Why can you get a decent 250 in Cambodia and get it registered for a few bucks by an employee of the hotel where you're staying while you're having a beer in your favorite bar? Would anything change if nobody would pay these outrageous prices for used bikes?
    On the other hand: How many more happy bikers would there be in TH if bikes could be had for realistic prices?
    Lots of "ifs" and "buts" - I know - but I'm looking forward to your responses, even though most of you don't agree with me.
  14. KZ
    This is a riders board. Post some road & trip reports to get some credibility, or you are just going to fill the board up with waffle 'n crap.
  15. KZ
    This is a riders board. Post some road & trip reports to get some credibility, or you are just going to fill the board up with waffle 'n crap.

    Dave, that has got to be the funniest post I have seen for a while, nearly pissed my pants. I know this is a GT rider forum but if anybody can recommend an idiot proof camera (I am also computer illiterate which is why I have also made about 2 posts in the past year) I can take a few good photos of the beautiful countiside and maybe some of you guys might venture over to Isaan?
  16. Sorry to have offended you, great master!
    I thought prices of bikes here and in other countries would be a valid topic to talk about, especially under "buy and sell" and "red baron sale". Didn't know that this site should be only roadtrips, roadtrips and more roadtrips.
    You could have written that you think my post was irrelevant to you. Jumping in before anybody could post their opinion and calling my post crap doesn't paint a very positve picture of you as a "fearless leader" and doesn't help to keep this forum on the level it has always been.
  17. Well moving right along, stopped by Jimmies here in Udon ( Thai Bike Dealer) wished him a Merry Christmas. He said he is getting in two Honda 750's in next month 2008 model, new I forgot to ask he said 400K out the door with book.

    That seems like a good price to me, but who am I to say I'm not spending the money :roll:
  18. Hello Ray; where is "Jimmies" located in Udon?
  19. Coming from Robinsons go toward the night market and it's in the first block on the left side.
  20. Ray, thank you, that is "Thoen" i think, he use jimmy for farangs.
    'Thanon Prajak" i guess?

    I bought my R1 at his shop, he and his wife are really nice people, good service at his shop too.
    Give him my regards next time you see him if you will, and ask him if he needs another new dainese leather suit:) the last year i sold him some Dainese leathers.
    Thank you!
  21. KZ, I think the problem is, its all already been totally done to death countless times in multiple other forums / topics - and there is NO solution! No matter where you complain, at whatever level in the Thai bureacracy, YOU cannot change it - and the other members on the Board certainly don't have the power to change it either.

    It is what it is - and in life, some things just 'are.' Basically, complaining about Thai big bike prices here is utterly pointless, repetitive and non-constructive. :lol: Such complaints are negative, and depressing. The "Revered Old Gits" on the Board are no doubt bored shitless with the horrified bleats of people who've newly discovered a problem that the ROG's have been enduring for a decade (or TWO decades, in some cases!) :roll:

    Thats probably why the suggestion to produce something useful and constructive (e.g. road / trip reports) was made. That is something each member does have the power to do - and which makes a meaningful contribution for the enjoyment and inspiration of others. Each trip report, road report, accommodation review etc extends the knowedge base for the benefit of all readers. Thats being positive, and makes the ROG's happy! 8)

    Tubber - re 'idiot-proof' cameras... I've got a Panasonic TZ3 which has an idiot-proof KISS setting on the top Options control. It seems pretty damned hard to take bad photos if I use that setting! 8) I only have a problem when I think I've learned enough to use manual settings! :oops:

    The 10x optical zoom and image stabilisation in a pocket sized package make it a pretty good biking choice. The earlier (cheaper) TZ2 had good reviews as well.


  22. Ya I agree bought my 400 there and he does exactly what he says he will do hard to ask for much more the that.

    I'm always very hesitant bout making any recommendations, but he has done right by me.

    I'll try to remember the leathers. really only went my to wish his wife and he Merrry Christmas.
  23. Thank you anyway Ray;

    Have a merry christmas for you also!
  24. I agree that the price of bikes in Thailand is a ripoff but I still love riding here so it is a price worth paying for me.


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