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  1. Hello one of my local dealers come and speak with me about licensplate, he said he could ge me one red license plate and with this one it was absolutly no problem with the police....600Bath maybe worth a try since i have nothing right now...
    What you other think???
    Good price? Anything to have? Should i buy two?

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  2. The only red plates I know of are for new or used cars that have just been bought and the registration is being processed. Also with a red plate you are not suppose to drive the car at night. Motorcycles don't get red plates, unless your talking about the red bar on a white plate.


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  3. My new 2004 BMW 1150RT came with a red plate that was replaced by a white one a couple of weeks later once all the paper work had gone through the system. While a fake red plate maybe should be understanding is that New bikes do indeed come with a red plate to start with and BMW is just about the only dealer selling "new bikes".

    Cheers - David

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