Reducing weight on the KLX250

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by NN, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. At around 130kg the KLX250 is heavy for a dirt bike, on the other hand the KLX300 reportedly is around 106kg - that's a big difference. Considering how similar the bikes are, would it be possible to loose 20+ kgs of the 250/

    Apparently the electric start alone is 8-10kgs and can be replaced with a kickstarter kit (not sure if they're available here).

    Anything other idea on how to shed an extra 12+kgs?
  2. Ummm... go on a diet :lol-sign: (the lol sign is for people that know me) as in i'm a fat bastard.

    seriously would you like to be without the leckie start. I would look at everything if you are serious about this. rims, tyres,get rid of any bits you dont need. you may save 2 kgs just changing the tyres out for lighter ones.
    Also was the klx weighed wet or dry, that makes a huge difference.
  3. Stock exhaust most weigh over 10 kilos alone
  4. I'm only going of the specs I've seen on various sites, they have the 250 at 135 and the 300 at 106kg. Even if the specs are a bit out there's still heaps of difference.

    Regarding using only kickstart, if it saved 10kgs I could live with it, as I'd only be using the bike off road.

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