Reflective Helmet stickers in Bangkok.

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  1. CBR250

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    I just bought two good helmets for myself and the missus. I want to add some reflective stickers on them for safety. When it comes to helmets and other safety gear I am a believer in function over form, so do not really care what they look like.

    I would be looking for ones like:



    Or any ones at all really.

    I'm not set up for buying things off the net, so want to buy in person. I suppose stationary stores and some supermarkets probably have some reflective stickers of some sort or other, but probably not big and suited to bike helmets.

    Anyone know of a shop that has such things?

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  3. Pgt066

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    HomePro in the Tape or Safety section.

    There is also Safety Store in Fortune Town which has all sorts of reflective tape. Near the southern end escalator, on the 2nd or third floors.
  4. CBR250

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    nice one, thanks.
  5. Franz

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    CBR you can use PROGRIP rimstripes as I did or get yourself an A1 sized sheet of reflective 3M PVC sticker they use for sticker manufactoring or you buy a SHARK and will get them stickers as in France by law on any helmet, it comes in a small PVC bag attached to the helmet. Rgds, Franz
  6. CBR250

    CBR250 Ol'Timer

    Just saw these interesting things on Panda's website.



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