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  1. Hi! I have a B visa, one year, recently arrived and looking for work. Can I go to a Thai town, buy a m/c and take it with its plate to another town and register it by myself?

    Does the Thai plate stay ON the bike for a new owner? Does the old owner have to go to the same rego bureau as the new owner?

    I want top buy a bike in Kanchanaburi from its Thai owner, then register it in my name wherever I get work.

    I have looked at the 'rules' comments here but not seen this 'problem' faced.

    Thanks for any knowledge shared.
  2. You can register the bike in your name on any visa - including a 30 day tourist visa.

    1. The plate and green book stay with the bike.

    2. You will have to fill out a form to apply for transfering the registration.

    3. There is a second form that the owner has to sign to avoid having to go with you. Both forms available at the registration office.

    4. The owner has to sign the book, and provide a signed copy of his ID card. You need signed copies of passport and visa.

    5. You will need a certificate of residency from your embassy or from Thai Immigration - who might require you to show legal proof of address.

    You could always transfer the registration immediately where you buy the bike, then transfer the registration to wherever you wind up.


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  3. Thanks a LOT BOb for that advice and guidance...
    not sure what I will do as I have a job offer in Bangkok and I really wanted to work countryside, but a near new TZR 150 Yama ha for 25kBaht is very tempting!

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