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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by losing_touch, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Alright, I have some issues that I need to get sorted out. This is my first post here. Although I have read the forum in the past, I never had a need to post. I registered because you guys are the experts on all things to do with motorbikes and motorcycles.

    A few years ago, I bought a motorbike from a friend because he had to unexpectedly leave the country. The bike wasn't registered in his name. Instead, he had it registered in Udon Thani under the name of a Thai friend of his. After doing this, she left Thailand with her boyfriend. As far as I know she currently resides in Australia, and there is no way to contact her.

    I currently live in Bangkok. I have the green book. I have been told that it is not possible to change the name without her signature. However, I have been asking more people who seem to think that it is possible by signing some sort of form at the Land Transportation Office.

    Furthermore, I don't have a license, and I am on a tourist visa at the moment.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I have never had a problem with the cops here. However, I want the bike and myself to be legal. I will be going for my motorbike license soon.
  2. The Lady is from Udon Thani :twisted: You have Said enough :idea: Unless You want to Sell it Just Leave it in Her name and use it as Normal. You can Still Re-Register every Year because You have the Book. In the Mean Time Try and Track the Lady Of Dubious Employment down. I don't fancy Your Chances though, She Could be in any Number of Different Countries by now :roll: Also When You do Find Her You will be Lucky to get Her to Sign anything unless there is Money Involved :shock: Don't Feel Bad if it only Costs You a Motorbike You would be considered LUCKY compared to the thousands of other Men who Lost Their Entire Life Savings up there :roll:
  3. She is a normal Thai. She is an older woman who is married to an Aussie bloke. She just did it to help my friend out. She isn't involved with the bar industry in any way. He was living in Udon at the time, and he was friends with her husband. They since moved to Australia and fell off the radar.
  4. Once upon a time I bought a bike... then one day, it dawned on me that I don't have any papers for it...
    Hmmm. Maybe "lost touch quite some time ago" would have been a better handle - just kidding.
    Just ride the bike, as long as you can show a copy of the green book it should be okay. Transferring it into your name or selling it for a decent price will of course be a major pia.
    Ian, why don't you share your experiences with the ladies of Udon Thani, and don't leave out any juicy details...?

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