registration of new bike - two months?

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  1. When I bought my bike the dealer told me to pick up the license plate in two months.

    I said okay and rode off with a red plate. But then I started to wonder: what takes so long?

    I want to go on a trip next month and prefer to have a license plate and papers.

    A change of ownership can be done in as little as a couple of days!

    Why does it take two months to issue a book and plates?
  2. I do not know why it is in your case, but a common thing with a dealer in Pattaya would be ...

    To get the book & plates the dealer needs to have an invoice from the bike (that proves that it is a legal bike and that all taxes are paid). But as long as the dealer is not paying the factory they do not get that invoice. But guess what ... they already have your money, right? So they just keep it like that for a 2 months, then pay the factory, get the invoice and then apply for the book & plates & tax.

    I was once informed that at the provincial DLT you should be able to get a new book & plates for a new bike within 3 days.

    Compulsory insurance can be done right at the spot.
  3. So you're saying that dealers sit on the cash (mine insisted on cash!) of all their sold bikes for as long as possible instead of doing what they should do?

    If they don't have the invoice and the tax and insurance aren't paid the bike is technically illegal, or is the dealer plate taking care of that?

    Are there any restrictions concerning riding a bike with a red plate?
  4. A bike with a red plate cannot be on the road at night! Only the green book owner is insured with a red plate!

    I have never heard of these restrictions being enforced or any horror stories! But if it's true, puts a dangerous respective on the thousands of uninformed tourists riding around at night on new rental bikes with red plates!!
  5. I'll have a talk with the sales manager at the Honda dealer today to get my plate within a week but I won't be surprised if he says: "Can not!"
  6. I too have experienced delays caused by the dealer, especially BMW dealers, conversely Nat Honda, when we bought the PCX, issued book and plate within 2 weeks. However with all the new bikes I have bought I have always had the compulsory insurance starting on the day of purchase, I do not think you should leave the shop without it. Obviously it does not include the registration number and usually stays that way until renewed after 12 months.
  7. Was in Hat Yai today but it looked like rain so I didn't feel like fighting my way through weekend traffic to the center of the city just to get some silly reply.

    I realized that I was given an insurance receipt on the day of purchase, just like you mentioned, so they must have issued a policy somehow without having any registration.

    Since this is Thailand I think I just wait, no need to demand something I won't get. I don't think they'll get out of their way just to please me.

    Maybe I'll ask next week! :)
  8. I believe by law, the dealer has 90 days to register the bike.

    This may well be a twisting of the interpretation of the law that allows the bike owner to use red plates for a maximum of 90 days therefore the dealer believes he has the right to utilise your cash in his business free of charge for 90 days!

    One of the Mit Yon Pattaya branches that I bought my last new bike from absolutely would not enter into any discussion of the subject. They just replied "3 months" every time I asked.

    I don't like red plates as they attract unwarranted attention from the police and monkeys of the human variety who think your new bike is their latest climbing frame/plaything.
  9. Got a call yesterday that mt green book and plate are ready to be picked up!

    Bought the bike on August 10 - that's six weeks, a bit long but acceptable.

    Weird is that in the top row where usually only Thai letters are there's a 1 and then two Thai letters; then five characters in the center and four numbers in the bottom row.

    Also some kind of horizontal reflective waves, almost like a hologram - I've never seen a plate like this.
  10. If you want to post photobucket pics here just copy the link, hit the little "insert image" icon, then paste the link.

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  11. I got a reply that this is how the plates look now.
  12. I got a reply saying that this is how the plates look now.

    Double post, it said: fatal error

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