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  1. Hi All
    Just purchased a Yamaha Dragster of a mate of mine. Nice bike in good nic but is not registered. Have had many people tell me it is no problem around Chiangmai town as I have the original import papers where the duty was paid etc. Wish to do some of the day trips and longer trips in the north. Can anyone tell me if I will encounter problems north of Chiangmai with the local police. I have noticed most larger rental bikes are not registered as well.

  2. Troy
    No, problem to ride around the North without a plate.
    I've been doing it for years, including trips into Laos.
    So, enjoy the bike and riding in North Thailand.

    Keep the power on
  3. David
    Thanks so much for the info, its a load of my mind. Will try one of your loops this weekend.

    Can you tell me if your book is available at a bookstore in Chiangmai?
  4. Book & maps are available at
    Surawongs, DK, Bookazine, Bookzone, Gecko Books.
    I recommend George at Gecko Books or Bookzone on Thapae Road.

    For day trips (rough guide in this order)
    Loop 1 = Samoeng
    Loop 2 = Phrao - Chiang Dao
    Loop 3 = Doi Inthanon / Mae Chaem
    Loop 4 = Phrao - Wiang Pa Pao
    Loop 5 = Sankamphaeng
    Loop 6 = Mae Ngat
    Loop 7 = Wang Nua

    For overnight
    Loop 1 = Fang / Doi Ang Khang
    Then please yourself, but you’ll be chaffing at the bit to stay away longer after doing the DAK baby.

    Keep the power on
  5. David
    Actually found your book today in Suriwong book centre. The info looks great and has inspired me to get away every weekend I can. Will be trying the Phrao - Chiang Dao loop this weekend as a starter. We have the whole day and I was wondering if there is any side trips to visit a friendly hilltribe village. I have the dragstar so I dont want any dirt roads. I was also hoped to fit in the caves but not sure if I can fit it all in to one day. Will have the Mrs on the back and Im not a fast rider.
  6. Check out

    1. Doi Farang Bungalows
    not far from Phrao.

    2. Lisu Thung Khoo is easy to get to & all asphalt. The village is also quite civilized now. A few girls from here work used to traditional Thai massage at the OT Massage, near Pandora, & were all good kids.

    Out of Chiang Dao check out the asphalt road to the hill tribe villages to the east. See map P28 in the guidebook. The road from Chiang Dao out to Huay Ko, may well be all asphalt now. Across to Nam Rin & route 1150, it is still dirt.

    Hope this is a help.

    Keep the power on
  7. David
    Thanks again for the info.


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