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  1. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    A head up if you plan to buy a bike in Bangkok even though you have an address elsewhere. They may have changed the rules regarding the residence certificate for getting a registration and plates - or some employee had a bad day.

    When I bought a scooter four years ago it was using a residence certificate stating that I live in Phuket which was OK. Not so this time. The Transport department demanded a certificate stating I live in Bangkok or I should go to Phuket to get the registration.
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  3. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    I think you have to go to the area office of where you live or where your certificate is ..
  4. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    Yes, that is what they say now. It wasn't a problem four years ago, though.
  5. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    Knowing how Thailand works, it makes total sense .. doesn't it ?

    Its been that way for at least 3 years, thats when I registered my first (legal) bike.
  6. Memytilacyou

    Memytilacyou Member

    Regarding ownership. I bought a bike in August this year. Guy at the shop nodded and said yes farang can owner rrr no proplem. I was able to ride the bike out of the shop within 1 hour of paying which was great. He took us to the insurance office and we sorted that out. We went to the Khon Kaen police building and they said we couldn't register the bike in my name as the wife's address in Kalasin was outside the province. So we got a bus to Sakanikon 5 hours + hotel and presented ourselves at the poilice station and got the confirmation of address, har loi baht. Went back to motorcy shop and they presented all papers to registration. It came back that at that time I hade less than 30 days on my visa so it was rejected. I now need to start the whole process again. So my point is, understand your area and, make sure you have more than 30 days on your visa.
  7. Memytilacyou

    Memytilacyou Member

    Finally got there and have a green card for the motcy. Its been an uphill struggle with far flung provincial offices and paperwork errors. When getting your residence certificate, sit down with a thai and check it carefully. More than once I have had incomplete name (as surname is on a different line on passport), incorrect visa date, incorrect year, so when you get to the registry office they will reject it and you have to start again. You need more than 30 days on your visa or you are doomed from the beginning and nobody will say.
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  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Well done.
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