Relaxed 7 Day Itinerary For Northern Laos


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Feb 8, 2018
Alright guys getting the bus in from Vietnam to Vientiane (I know, I know) for Tet and want to do a 7 day loop around the north with a bit of time to hang about in vang vieng and luang prabang (max 2 days on 1 and 1 on the other). This is the route we're thinking of at the moment.!2m2!1d102.6331035!2d17.9757058!3e0

Does it look any good? Is there some places that we are really missing out on or better routes? Im more interested in nice mountain roads then the towns but always interested to go through hill tribe areas, Ive done lots of trips in Vietnam, normally there are little homestays in most villages and towns, whats the situation in Laos? Is this gonna be too much for 7 days with stops? Basically dont want to driving 5 hours a day every day of the trip. Any advice would be amazing, Cheers


Aug 19, 2012
Thats should be easily doable in 7 days.

Another option is to go Vientiane-Paksan-Phonsavan-Nong Khiaw-Luang Prabang and then return via Vang Vieng.

Vientiane-Paksan-Phonsavan is just 360 easy kms. Phonsavan is the place of The Plain of Jars, several sites with huge stone jars several thousand years old.
Phonsavan-Nong Khiaw is 375 kms and a full days ride as the road is winding, steep and narrow at places, but very enjoyable. Nong Khiaw is a beautiful river village with stunning scenery.
Nong Khiaw-Luang Prabang is just 140 kms so just a short hop.