rent bike in phitsanulok area

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  1. Hi folks, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.
    I'm going to Phitsanulok in december, and looking for a bike to rent there, is there any ?I mean something like 250cc, or the best for me would be the Er6 kawa..
    If not, maybe in sukhothai ?
    thanks for any advice,

  2. Hi, haven't heard of any Rental Shop there but recommend to do a detour to Chiang Mai and get your bike up here and then ride down, it's only ~320 kms to Philoke. Plenty of choice up here, recommended: Mr. Mechanic and Tony's BigBike. Regards, Franz
  3. thanks.. But 320km it s quite a detour !,
    I'd love to do that, but I would be short in time I guess..
    Anyone heard about something in Sukhothai ? I ve been told to ask mountainview guesthouse, I ve droped them a mail, still waiting for their answer.

    No bike bike for rent in the whole central area ? phitsanulok, sukhothai, kampheang phet, tak, even Loei ?
  4. Sukhothai might get you one, but I've never heard of a rental there. It's the only 'tourist town' in central so mostly tourists in busses just visit temples there, stay one night and the next day head up to here. Might get lucky in a guesthouse where someone will have you borrow for cash their own Wave. Cheers, Franz

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