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  1. Hello, My name is Hung and I rent and sell Motorcycles in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. I have Honda Baja 250,s and Yamaha DT 175 cc,s and Yamaha SEROW,s 225 cc,s for rent. I sell and rent Minsks. IF you like you can rent a bike in Hanoi and drop it off in Ho Chi Minh city. I Have been riding motorcycles for 16 years and repair motorcyles and can also get motorcycle parts. I can do guided tours of Vietnam, please contact me in advance. My email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]. Tim with username enduro250 is buying a minsk right now, please contact him for a reference if you like. I met DavidFL two years ago in Hanoi. Telephone number when in Vietnam is 0912214554 mobile and home 9260938. Calling from outside Vietnam dial (i think) +84912214554 mobile and home is +849260938. Next year the laws change in Vietnam and big bikes are coming and I will be selling these big bikes. Ride Vietnam. Peace out! Hung
  2. Lost in Translation, Hung is not sure that he met David FL in Hanoi.
  3. Hung-

    Could you give us more on this? What is your source? Does that also mean big bikes will be able to cross the borders and enter into Vietnam? Thanks for all the information.
  4. The laws for tempory import were suppossed to have changed starting 1st November, it may only be for certain passport holders. Apparently the size restriction is gone, need to sign a letter saying the bike will not be sold or left in Vietnam, also a licence same country as rego is needed. NONE of this is confirmed, JUST rumour from Vietnam at the moment.Waiting on some info from Hanoi before attempting a border crossing, Anyone else interested?? Entry thru Cambodia or Laos, I'm open. E-mail me or reply via the forum. Currently have 2 riders experienced in Lao,Cambodia (both XR650R's) interested.
  5. Hey Hung, thanks for the post, I hope to see you in Hanoi one day, and have a Pho to gether.
    Regards Scott
  6. Scott, I would be happy to see you and go riding in Hanoi and Vietnam. My english is not the best, enduro 250 is helping me, but I am learning more english everday and want to see bikers in Hanoi. Hope to see you soon.!!! Hung
  7. Thanks Hung, I'm saving as we speak, a little Dong go's a long way :cool:). Keep the business going,Regards Scott
  8. Commander Dave,I am here on Hung,s computer trying to get some answers for your questions. It is a little complicated to understand the whole situation but I will try to get some answers for you asap. What I can tell you is that Hung,s big bikes ( above 175cc) are completely street legal. Also from what I understand, a container from Japan with big bikes was sold in April in N. Vietnam. I will go to the embassy in BKK when I return and ask some questions. And Yes, I have noticed "what the heck" is usually the right answer.
  9. I would like to give Hung and his boys a big thumbs up. We had already bought our Minsks from Cuong (who was also very helpful and sorted us with good bikes) and had everything we needed for the Minsks, but Hung went out of his way to be helpful when we stopped in for a chat and to ask about the Viet-Laos border crossings.

    He even held a bag of ours at his place for two months and then sent it to Vientiene by bus so we could cut down on luggage for our trip in Laos. He would not accept any payment for this, apart from some money for the bus driver.

    I would not hesitate to deal with him. A good man.
  10. Hi Hung,

    I have just called you to ask about the Baja..will catch you when I am in Hanoi next month on 22 Nov. Adious and cheers.
  11. I tried crossing to Vietnam from Laos a couple of weeks ago on a Cambodian bike. I even had a special permission letter from the Vietnamese Consulate in Paxse, and his bussiness card. He was called when we got to the border and we were still refused entry.

    The offical line at that time was there is no agreement between Cambodia and Vietnam.

    PS I have been refused entry at Vietnam borders 4 times in the last six months, and spent many hours trying to find out what the true situation is. I have been told a lot of lies by officals at embassies as well. So good luck to all.

    PSS I still have one more trick up my sleve but it will work only once so not much good to others.
  12. Entry into Vietnam? Look here... ... t2247.html

    and here ... t2247.html
  13. Hi,

    There are the people who is in the logistics and travel who says that big motorbikes can come in but then the country is so big that there is no proper communication among each authority and therefore end up bikers are stuck at the border.

    The fact is motorbikes can come in but you just need to work with the relevant People Committee from Hanoi to get the clearance and they are the ones who can sort this out when you are stuck but then will they do that as claimed? Figure it out...

    Good luck guys...

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