Rental bike in Phuket

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  1. Lad's,
    Just wong in here as Cooltours wife managed to book us on a Beacht-Vacation in Phuket Mid-End of March 07. Was wondering whether one who's addicted to motorbiking and is tired of beachlife (after two or three days) can rent a nice bike there and probably do some interessting tours.
    Would gladly welcome links and hints! Maybe see you soon!
    PS: Check out some ridereports (sorry in German only but with lots of pics) on my website:
  2. [quotenice picture of flower, wondered what connection this is to motorbike riding
    LOL! This is no flower. It's the front of my bike!
    [​IMG] [;)]
  3. Ah I see now I have my glasses on, hey great picture of the bike, below is what the well dressed riders in Sydney are wearing

  4. LOL, Well, that looks more kind of like an Alaskan style dress than like an Aussie typical dressup!

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