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    Hello from Vancouver Island B.C.

    I've got a flight booked to Chiang Rai for mid Feb. Are there rental shops there? I'm thinking XR250 etc. or do I have to go to C.M. What's the deal on international drivers licence, is it required? Is theft a problem or can that be covered by insurance. Is it possible to rent helmets?

    Really looking forward to exploring the North by bike!!!!!!

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  3. 2Up Chiang Khong

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    Hi EH,

    PLEASE go to the SEARCH box in the top right corner. Type in your question(s) and have loads of fun reading Many many many many postings on all of your questions...if after all of this, you are still having questions, then feel free to ask - but a bit of homework first on your part would be much appreciated.

    And yes you can find some good 250s to rent in CR.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  4. DavidFL

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    Take a look at
    and ... rms=phuket

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