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  1. daewoo

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    Long time lurkers may remember my handle when I was making some inquiries earlier this year about a ride from Chiang Mai to Phuket scheduled for November.

    Well, things have changed, I won't be able to make it in November, 'cause my latest offspring will only weeks old...

    I am now trying to get on a flight in June, and will only have about 1 week to spare. A mate will be in Th at the same time, and after working in CM for a while, he isn't interested in travelling up there.

    He would like to see the Issan region, and I don't care where I am as long as there is beer and a friendly smile at the end of the day.

    We are thinking of hiring bikes in Khorat and doing a loop through Udon from there for a couple of days.

    I have a few questions that I hope can be answered despite the CM focus of the board;
    [:)] will I be able to find somewhere to rent a bike (probably a Wave or simillar, but a 200cc dirt bike would be better).
    [:)] Are there any don't miss roads or towns?
    [:)] Anything else that well traveled riders can offer?

    all help appreciated.

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  3. willem

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    I lived in Khorat for one year and I also tried to find a bigger bike for rent, but no luck on that one. A few places offer small scooters a la Wave for reasonable prices. I don't know the exact names but I think they're mentioned in the Lonely Planet guidebook. I'll check it later and if not, I try to remember better.

    Anyhow, you don't need a bigger bike in Isan, it is a lot of fun riding on small scooters around Thailand, even if you're used to riding big bikes at home.
    My wife and I are going to buy two Waves or Dreams to tour around Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam the next year. Hope it will work out ...


  4. 2Up Chiang Khong

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    Hi Daewoo,

    Last year my wife and I road down along the Mekong from Mai Sai to where Cambodia, Laos and Thailand meet. We then swung due west and went across the top of Cambodia. We always stayed as close as possible to the river and to Cambodia, taking every back/side road we could find. You could do this route in reverse when leaving Nakhon Raatchasima (Korat).

    We highly suggest the area due South of Buri Ram and Surin taking all the back roads leading to and along Cambodia. Many Many temples along this route, inlcluding Prasat Ta Meuan (a groupd of temples) with Prasat Ta Meuan Thom being the largest and actually inside Cambodia, but you get to it from the entrance which is inside Thailand. No visa required... This temple was only reopend last year.

    Then head over to the east where all three countires come together. You can enjoy the area around the Sirithan Reservoir. And if you still have time, then go up to the north along the Mekong and the town of Nakhon Phanom which is interesting and worth a visit.

    You can ride all of this on any bike or scooter you can get a hold of.

    And there's bungalows and cold beers along this route.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  5. willem

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    No rental place mentioned in the LP, but there are a few places along Th Suranaree that rent scooters for about 200 Bath a day. My wife and I bought two Wave 125 R's and we'll be touring all around Thailand in the next months

    Have fun, and a save journey,

  6. harrythefinn

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    I live in Korat and there are only scooters for rent,if you have time you can always talk to the bike shops and convince them to rent you a bigger road bike. Not many dirt bikes around and then they have no plates. Mail me for specific info, ie,there a many expat pubs not on the main routes that are easy to miss, also a very nice restored Khmer temple 15kms north out of town that no tourists go to.Kao Yai is always worth a visit.Maybe we can get together for a ride if the dates match,I mainly ride Cambodia and Lao using Korat as a base.
    Harri. XR650R
  7. daewoo

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    Thanks you ever so much for taking the time to respond. It is reasureing to know that there are people out there interested enough to share their knowledge...

    Unfortunately this adventure has also been curtailed. My travelling companion has his leave request denied. I now have to decide if I should go to the LoS alone (easy choice really) and where I should go. At the moment I am thinking of jus making a few day blast to Chiang Mai probably train there and fly back.

    Again thanks for your help. Hopefully I will get this trip back on track later in the year.


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