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  1. I'm out on a limb here, cause I don't know what it is that you guys goes.

    I'm going to be travelling to Laos from Thailand in less that a week and I'm a motorcyclist. Do you know how I might connect to anyone who could give me information on renting a bike and touring in Laos?

    And when I return to Chiang Mai, I'd like to connect with a few other rides to do some Northern Thailand touring.

    I'd appreciate any help you can provide.



    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Susan
    What we do: "We ride motorbikes" & enjoy life in The Golden Triangle region.

    Take a look at the Lao forum on the board
    1. Link removed
    2. Link removed
    The above 2 posts should give you some tips.

    Harri, Matti & Ken are all in LPB right now, drinking by the Mekong, & no doubt trying to outdo each other with stories of their exploits on the road so far.......if we are lucky they are supposed to make a report on the road conditions etc. They left me in Huay Sai last Thursday.
    I just got in from Mae Sai last night, & no time yet to write up anything yet, but Bob & Nadeem have been asked to contribute something.

    If you are in Chiang Mai, then try Rudi's Sax Bar after 9.30 pm. Rudi himself has just got back from a ride Chiang Mai - Luang Prabang - return.

    Keep the power on
  3. Susan
    Thanks for the email regarding renting a bike in Laos.
    If you look at
    Link removed
    you will see that the place to go is PVO in Vientiane.
    They will want some security for the bike, normally this is your passport, which means that you should make an effort to return the bike in the same condition, so that you get your passport back.
    The same system applies in Chiang Mai / North Thailand, and works well for 99% of the people.

    Please keep us informed & let us know how you go with a report on the message board. Many thanks in advance.

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  4. hey susan, saw u in the bar with dave the other night. interesting to talk with you and hope you have a great trip to Laos.


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