Requirements For Riding Into And Back To Cambodia

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  1. Hi Guys
    Planning a trip down to Sihanoukville, up to PP, then back.
    Have a completely lergaly Honda CRF250L, so what do I need? Long time resident in Thai.
    Thanks for any lins postings or PM's.
  2. Just your green book and passport.
    Make 3 sets of copies of all.
    The Thai Custom will issue a Temporary export permit valid for 30 days.
    The Cambodians will not issue any papers.
    Make the Visa online and you will save a full page in your passport. 2-3 days processing.
  3. Kay recently went down there and there is now some paper work on the Cambodian side.

    Also a game the cops like to play that you shouldn't take the bike out of the province you entered in.
    Just a shake down for a few bucks..

  4. Also, cover your headlight in the day time.
    We just put tape over it..
    There is a law they use to pull you up and squeeze a few bucks for that too.
  5. The headlight one is true, easy enough to add a switch, or the black plastic bag trick works just as well.
    The customs paperwork varies by entry point, the southern border has never had any customs papers on entry. Pailin crossing has issued a customs import paper previously, but not every time, seems to be depending who is on duty. It was stated one time there that if the bike was worth less than USD$10,000 they would not bother with the import document. Seems it is still pot luck. The import paper would certainly smooth over some of the attempted scams , but they will always try...............
  6. Hi Guys
    Thx for the info, I have a switch for the headlight installed. And all this can be done at border, Thai customs paperwork? I know get the visa ahead of time, gonna cross way down south and make a trip to Sihanoukville and back is all. Appreciate all the help.

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