Residence Forms - New Requirements


Jan 20, 2003
Just this month, the Chiang Mai Immigration office has changed the documentation requirements to get residence forms - required for purchase of cars and bikes, and for getting drivers licences..

You can still get one if you are here on a 30 day tourist visa. However, they want proof that the address you give them is valid.

They will accept a hotel address, provided that you have a signed lease agreement. They want a copy of it and they want to see the original.

If you use a friend's address, claiming that you are staying there, they ask for the friend's house book or lease agreement.

All in all, no big deal. But, this is an example of another loophole being closed.

As of today, there is no charge for the form. Before the current boss arrived in October, there was an unofficial charge of 300 baht.


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Mar 14, 2006
hi bobs.
my name is dror and i m with my two friendes. we r all from israel.
we bought 3 honda phantom 200 cc two month ago.
we r traying to get a grin book and a license plaite but the govrement make us hell. they sand us from one office to another. and they dont let us register my friend house ( is ligelle). is there a simple way to do it.
please help us! we want to continue to lao.
thenks dror.