Residence Letter at Chiang Mai- Latest Experience

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  1. Latest Letter of Residence (LoR) experience as of Nov 11, 2013: Arrived at 0830 and the place was already packed. A thai girl who has a friend at Immigration accompanied me, hoping we could get the LoR sooner. No way!

    A nice student took my application, but she was terrified of making a mistake. Presented all of my documents but there is no Moo number on the very correct looking rental contract. We call the Landlord- the building does not have one. OK. What is the street name? Its printed on the contract but she has to have it verified by the Landlord. There was no argument and I even wore long pants and a white shirt (polite maak!) Just a young student afraid of her shadow and needs to be reassured about each and every detail. Yeah, I understand enough Thai to know that she was asking basic questions like the street name, even when its written AND printed on the contract.

    While she was at it, she made me get new photos. My face was "too big" on the 4 x 6 cm pics I submitted... Those very same pics worked at Pattaya Immigration for two retirement extensions, one reentry permit and two residence letters. But this ain't Pattaya and they do it their way here :) Again, no arguments, just a student in a minor position scared to death of making a mistake. I'm surprise she didn't reject the Lease for something like: Incorrect font" or some other no common sense reason.

    The wait is one week, can pick up in the afternoon on the 18th. There is a sign outside the small Residence Letter building saying "Free Service" Gawd, I would hope so :)
  2. I got there last week just before noon. Nobody there and took 5 minutes to submit the application, most of that filling out the form and getting pictures taken in the back.

    Might be a better idea to go later in the morning.

    Applications are in the morning, pick ups in the afternoon. Pick up was super fast too, again I got there just before closing and there was no-one there.
  3. Received my LoR today, exactly one week from the day I submitted it. The best part- FREE! No hint for tips, no tip box, free of charge... :)

    Went to Nong Hoi DLT with the seller, filled out the paper work, serial numbers checked and told I could pick up the Greenbook tomorrow afternoon :)

    After the number check, I watched staff enter the year, make and model in to a computer. DLT valued the bike at 90,000 so per John G, there is a .005 transfer tax included in changing the name. I paid 555 baht (not joking, that was the fee :) ) so I figured the transfer tax was 450 and the name change fee was 105B. Buyer and seller both local so no number tag change.

    I'm riding again!
  4. Yeah, I think its better to go later than earlier :)

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