Residency Certificates-Changed Again!

Mar 15, 2003
I was in Chiang Mai Immigration today to do my 90 report form.

They posted in a number of places that now in order to get a Residency Certificate (which is needed for bike purchase or license);

A: You must have a ONE YEAR VISA.

B: Show a copy of your rental or lease agreement for residence;
b1. Have a letter from the lease holder verifying the agreement.
b2. Have a copy of the lease holders ID Card.

If you own a home (which only applies to a few) you must show proof of that also.

I ASSUME that getting the proof of residency from your own consulate and presenting that when you register your bike or get your license is acceptible (again ASSUME!), but there may be a change there also.

Dave Early

Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
Dec 13, 2003
Just sold my Landrover to an English guy who only had a letter from the British Consulate. It took us 20 minutes to transfer the car.
Oct 12, 2005

Just to second your findings. I was in the Chiang Mai immigration office a few weeks ago to get the Residency Certification form. Apparently at that time they had just changed the status. As you found out, they are no longer issuing them to people with less than 1 year Visas[:(].

Off to my countries consulate and was able to obtain the form for a 1200 baht fee. A bit over the top compared to what the Thai immigration office was charging however twas the only choice.