Retired, Riding V-Max, Mahasarakham Province, saying hi looking for riding buddies

Discussion in 'New Members' started by emempee, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Hi to all, ny name is Maurice and looking forward to participating in this forum, I retired here from the UK 2 years ago and love riding around this area. My background was in Healthcare before retiring but had a spell in LA restoring English bikes for 5 years. Always had bikes including modern jap superbikes and happy to work on almost anything with 2 wheels and an engine. My nearest area with any volume of big bikes is Khon Kaen but its a 240km round trip for me just to have a coffee and yap. Would be nice if there were others around here who would like to meet for a chin wag and coffee or beer, I know a good inexpensive thai restaurant close to Borabue who are very accomodating and have a great little fishing lake attached with a good stock of fish (35baht a rod and you get to keep what you catch). So if anyone interested in maybe a monthly get together then message or pm me. Also if any members have problems with their bikes I am happy to help where i can.

    A motorcycle is definately exciting, dangerous, an identity in itself, something hot and throbbing between your legs (sound like the wife) but most of all retains your youthfull mind.:happy3:

    Ride Free :lol-sign:
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    I spent a year living in Sarakham 4 years ago, and still have a few older Western friends living there. (I'm 32)

    Mainly teachers and a few mixed bunch of retirees/odd shore/and gives living off disability payments etc etc.

    I remember a few guys started a monthly buffet bbq and used Thai Visa forum to organize it. Don't know if they're still doing it. Google 'Thai visa mahasarakham meet up' and it should bring up info.

    There's actually a really cool Thai Big Bike club there, the guys are really laid back (I think educated overseas so excellent English and non-petty attitude). The had some nice bikes and were always fixing/doing up/playing with big bikes in a little workshop by the clock tower. But haven't seen it the last few times I've passed through.

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