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  1. David,

    I appreciate being acknowledged but I am perturbed about being called an Elder. Whilst it is true that it is becoming harder to find a bike colour that matches my hair, unless I wish to look like a parrot and I also confess to not being much worried about the size of my engine or the width of my chicken strips, I feel the connotation of the word elder may not convey what I believe you intended.

    Whilst Suzuki Luke may indeed be a leader of the pack :wink: and Azoulay is a legend in his own mind :p and I would not attest to being in the same league as SilverHawk :wink: I believe the word sage might be better.
  2. Mike,

    Seems like I have been agreeing with you a lot lately, rather unusual for me :) . The "elder" took me aback also when I first saw it. If it is meant to denote some sort of learned wisdom I appreciate the compliment. However, I too feel I have not yet reached the "elder" stage. :wink:
  3. Hey David,
    What about "leader of the pack!" A pack of what?
    start listing: Mungrels, Bastards, etc etc etc.
  4. Dave,

    I'me sure David means well but technically elder just means andvanced in years. Unfortunately my bike of choice only comes in lime green, black and blue so either I dye my hair like the South Aftrican flag or pick a fight with a large katoey. :lol:
  5. I used to be a member of the HERPES OWNERS GROUP, then a member of the TNB TURBO NUTTER BASTARDS , now to be called revered biker Elder is nice , but .... Pysco nutter Sage might bre more appropriate.

  6. The lesson might be: to postpone the aging process one should refrain from posting...
  7. ..but are an old git :lol:
  8. That would be Revered Old Git to you. :wink:
  9. Well, one can only admire the restraint exercised by those to whom new "nom de plumes" were appended. :shock:

    Let me accept full guilt / credit for the creation of the appendages, which were added in jest without any consultation with kun David :lol: so he is (in this instance at least) devoid of blame.

    The new Board offers Rankings, with the ability to add both user-defined Ranking Grades and Ranking icons along with them - so I made an executuve decision to play with titles - hence also the Sunflowers! David said I could make executive decisions - not sure if he's begun to regret that or not! :roll:

    Now that some has finally had the courage to raise the matter (after 2 WEEKS) perhaps we could devise a democratically derived set of 6 ranking Titles? Need to be;
    - polite yet humourous
    - relevant
    - inoffensive

    Admin Guy
  10. Hi Ben/All

    Why not base them on famous racers? e.g Rossi at the top, Agostini, Hailwood, Doohan, Schwantz, and George Formby at the bottom for good measure! :wink:

    There you go, that should be contentious enough to keep this thread going for a bloody long time!!! :twisted:


  11. Personally, I think "Revered Old Git" has a really nice ring to it... Provocative, yet verging on affectionate - wish I'd thought of it myself! :lol:

    Pikey - the problem with motorcycling greats is the potential for inciting great division on both national boundaries and event types - I predict it to be impossible to achieve a consensus on it!

    I hope you are enjoying the stark contrast of limited dayight hours, cold and dampness that Christmas in the UK is renowned for :) If its any consolation, its come out all hot and sunny back here at home!

    aka Admin Guy
  12. Ben/Admin guy! ;)

    That was the point of my comment - to raise contention about the best racers of all time. If you look at my profile, read my occupation and my sig line, you will understand - I enjoy a bit of a wind up and some humour!

    PS - hope the Vulcan is going OK and no more strange rattles.


  13. Well I must say being a mere "cyclist" now after having been a "RVE" makes me feel quite a bit younger... even my girlfriend noticed...
  14. Bad to Worse!

    We have now given up the term "elder" and replaced it with "old"? And what is a GIT anyway? I speak American and have no idea what it means.

    (to admin guy: This whole topic is tongue in cheek. We appreciate the work you do and none of this should be taken to seriously) :lol:
  15. Well, to paraphrase the Harley owners quotation - "If you HAVE to ask, you probably wouldn't understand" :lol:

    Tongue in cheek assumed, acknowledged, and coming right back at ya..

    "Old Git" is the English equivalent of "Old Fart / Geezer" + "Old C##t"
    The Aussie / Kiwi equivalent is probably "Shrewd Old Bastard"

    # replace vowels / consonants as appropriate...
    # NZ/Aussie vernacular - "bastard" = a term of endearment


  16. Thanks for clarifying that. Some day I will learn how to speak ENGLISH (Aussie/Kiwi).
  17. That's OK Silverhawk i went From Revered Biker Elder to "Leader of the Pack" I can go Riding with Suzuki Luke Now!!! ( I will just check my Insurance policy first ) Merry Christmas HO HO HO :D .
  18. Sadly the only pack I have ever led is into nana plaza. I fear many of my fellow GT riders can also claim the same, thereby diminishing its supposed title of revered status.

    "Onwards to the Star of Light for our next stop for the weary pack."
  19. It's OK for you Mate, You have already Reached "Legend" Status :D !!! But Beware next stop is "Old Git" :cry:

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