Revised Golden Triangle Map?

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  1. David I may have missed this but think you were in the process of revising the GT map - have you printed it yet? If so aside from X Centre, where I will try first, any other places in Chiang Mai stock it, laminated one's that is?

    Thanks John
  2. John

    Hi there, no sorry that the map is not printed yet, but we are getting awfully close.

    Just a bit of fine tuning is going on to get it right.

    Actually if anyone has ridden the what we call the GT loop perhaps they could suggest their top ten highlights

    We are looking at something like this at the moment


    & the cover will probably look something like this



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  3. David thanks for the update – have two sets of mates visiting in new year and would be good to have your map! Don’t have a specific POI for you to include but when I did it few weeks ago we took a nice non route 1 south to Phayao from Chiang Rai. Rural road 1020, then right onto 1128, then left onto 1126, then right onto 1202 which leads right into the lake at Phayao. Wish I could have found an alternative to the busy 118 back to Chiang Mai as not enjoyable on my CRF250M (which was just the job for 90% of the loop) - is the CB500X that my companion was on the way to go?
  4. Funnily enough that looks like a similar route (but in the other direction) I have planned for an upcoming trip.

    Phayao 1202, 1426, 4005, 1020, 4015, 1174, 4017 and 1233 into Chiang Rai.

    We are coming from Nan via the 1148 & 1021, so Phayao for lunch (place next door to Cupcake) and then if we are running late can do the exact reverse of yours.

    Looking forward to the new map as well.

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