Ride 11-25-2008 Udon Mae Hong Son


Oct 14, 2005
this is the general ride plan. I think it will accomplish a look at the Golden Tri Angle and Mae Hong Son, might even get us back to Udon At the moment I'm gettign very good suggestiosn so it might vary a bit but this is the general plan

We are leaving 11-25-2008 and returning 12-10-2008

If anyone wants to ride with us send a PM and I will give you my phone number. All are welcome for all or any part of it

Keep in mind we are going to be sight seeing and taking things slow. Definetly playing tourist, that why a general plan we are going to try to keep it around 200 klms a day the reason for two weeks, Only know three specific dates, 11-25 leaving, Chaing Mai for Bike week 12-6 & 7 back in Udon on the 10th.

Loie to 2115 No L/T

2195 W. L/T

2195 becomes 1267

1268 No R/T

1268 becomes 1243

1083 W R/T

1026 No. R/T
to Non

1091 W L/T

1251 N/W L/T

to 1 and Phayo

Phayo Pois Village to Chaing Rai?

Chaing Rai 1 to Mae Sai

1 to 1149 L/T

1149 to 1338 R/T

1338 to 1089 R/T

1089 to 107 R/T

107 to 1095 R/T

Mae Hong Son


108 to 1263

1263 to 1284

1284 to 102

Chaing Mai

11 to Phittslanuk

12 to Chumpae

12 to 2228 Nong Bua Lampho L/T