Ride 2-10-2007


Oct 14, 2005
Destination : Lake at Phu Phan ( Nam Phung Dam)

Leaving from the Jet Gas station on the Kahn Kean Highway at ( Hwy 2) 0900


Kumpawapi Left to 2393

Right 227 to Wang Som Mo

Left 2041 Som Det

Left 213 Phu Phan

Left 2218 Kut Bak Passing ( Nam Phung Dam)

Left 227 Waritchapum

Left 2293 Kimpawapi

Right on 2 back to Udon

Estimated ride time seven hours.


With caht sessions ten hours LOL

That is one that is worth repeating in the future.

440 KMs

Few I things I noticed Tung Dee showed up with his super duper 125 and seemed to be in the lead whenever he wanted to be. LOL

These small town in this area all seem to have 90 degree turn into them and one of the same on the way out, must be a speed design it works.

Our normal speeds usually run 90 or so, one the way back we picked up the pace to around 110 I got 30 Kms less out of tank before I hit reserve To me a big difference with just a little change in speed. I don't know how it went for others the 535 has a very low gear ratio as far as I can tell.

The other thing folks it was getting hot so I'm starting to think about the Loie area and cooler temps LOL

I have been there but never really explored seems like that might be worthwhile, and get in some more good day before the rains start. I hear were not going to get as much rain this year good for riding bad for farmers. Definetly hotter, time to really watch the oil.

The Red Scorpion group is starting up again if anyone is interested.