Ride 7-27 Udon Mae Kong over the mountain

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    2 north from Udon, 211 west Tha Bo turn off. Aprox. 23 Klms past Sang Khom huge intersection turn left. 2-3 Klms turn leaft again South to Na Yung. 2 Klms S/ E turn right. 9.8 Klms turn South to Nam Som. 2021 back to 2, south back to Udon.

    Distance approx. 323 Klms. we took our tiem and enjoyed the comany left Udon at about 1045 Hours and were back in town at 1830 Hrs.

    Follow my directions at your own risk.

    If I'm wrong anyone is more then welcome to post the correct directions. But don't come to me critizing me, just fix it. At least I took time to post them

    Really only one bad section of Road about 20 Klms of it just past Nom Som. You can avoid 99% of it just by slowing down a bit and riding in the bike lane.

    Over the moutnains, it's rainey season, so some mud on the road, loose dirt and gravel. Few good size rocks and some new pot holes. But not bad overall. Lots of switch backs through here, so a bit challenging and fun.

    This time of year, your either hot or wet, but the scenery is the best you will see all year.

    This was one or uuals with a mix up inplan I didn; bithre to pas it I thougth we were just going to Nohg Khai for lunch. We met up at the Jet Gas station and Dil had a different idea, which was much better then mine :lol: So off we go.

    We had seven bikes and ten riders, some slower guys and some faster guys, So Dil took the faster guys and I rode with slower guys, one of those times I actually knew where we going. So a real nice balance.

    A quick word about Dil if we had a group and we don't, he would be the guy I would pick to lead it. Knows every nook and cranny. Real Mellow guy who can ride fast or slow. we are not a group so anyone is welcome anytime they see something that looks good to them.

    I didn't catch the name of this place but it's easy to spot very close to Sang Khom. Two of the guys didn't want to eat here so they went on thier own.

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    Boy his was on popular Pappaya tree


    Shadeed parking was a bit crowded but we made it work
    <img src=""http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u52/rayfisher23/Ride%207-
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    Mae Kong was really full as a matter of fact the place I was thinking about eating at in Nong Khia could have well been under water :shock:

    Sorry guys no moving photos this time duty camera person wasn't in the mood. As usual she took her normal nap on the back after lunch

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    That's a lot of iron sitting there


    and a lot of:


    Lets see 1500 CC Suzuki, a Royal Star, A Vulcan 800, a Vmax, A sport cruiser 1300 CC I think a 1100 dragstar and a my little 400 dragstar. You how it is, poor side of the tracks and all. We were missing John's Valkerie, hey some body has to work. Also Lucky's Goldwing, but with the original plan I had can't say as I blame him. But with us the only real plan is to get to the starting pint I donl't mess that one up to much, But I have :oops:

    Dil spotted the othre two riders so made this our rest stop as well. One of the two guys who split up with us, decided to head aout again, last statment five mins. can make the difference between being and wet and not. So they split again I checked for body odor I'm sure that wasn't it :lol:

    I also switched duty photgraphers. Terry's lady is a professional photographer, not that is going make a lot of difference, with my camera. Explained to her just stick it over Terry's head and click away, we will end up with some good ones. This was only her second ride with us and the first long one. Sometimes I think we are like horses headed for the barn. On the way back things speed up and some passing manuvers that she had probably never seen nor thought was possible. I could tell by my bruised ribs at home. So she was proably hanging on for dear life :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Five minute factor, guy mihgt have been right I think we might have made it 200 meters before the rain stop :roll:

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    We stopped in Ban Phue for fuel whereupon the boss explained, who really held that position :(

    The German guy riding the Royal Star, can't remember his name explained to the wife that she should take the 400, as he had given his to his wife.

    Hey I'm a cheap Charlie I was rooting for the boss :p

    Well Das Das Das Dat's all folks

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    You are definately getting good at this Ray.

    Nice report and lovely photos.

    Great mix of bikes as well. Looks like fun was had by one and all.
  10. ray23

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    always a great time, to much writing not enough riding :lol:
  11. Great report ray.ok so you made a few spelling mistakes ..so what.
    keep it up......
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    I noticed one thing, when im reading you guys having fun,,

    Work is seriously disturbing for my ridings...

    Good Work Ray,,,26 days more and then back in LOS. :lol:
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    Well not doing as many trips as I was doing before. The other guys seem a bit hesitant to use the ride list. To post rides, Oh well at least I get to go along :lol:

    Yes it rarely happens that we don't have fun, as a mattre of fact even with up and downs and monor conflists, it' still to the positive everytime.

    This one was unusual in that we had the slower and faster rides were covered, so everyone could do it thier way and we still got to share, well worthwhile.

    Just takes two guys who know the route.

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