Ride and camp to Kampung Bukit Mat Daling, Pahang

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  1. Kampung Bukit Mat Daling is a traditional malay village settled in the area of headwaters of Tembeling river, near Pahang – Terengganu border. It is growingly becoming a popular destination for adventure riders as the road leading from Kuala Tahan to this village is entering its 2nd phase of construction as the first phase to Kampung Pagi is almost completed.

    The original plan is enter this village through Kuala Tahan and exit through Sungai Tekai and Tekam Utara through logging road as shown below.


    However when we reached Mat Daling and asked a few locals about this plan, they advised against using that exit route since it is rarely used by the locals and with many unmarked junctions that can be dangerous to a first-timer like us without a solid backup. So we use the same route getting in and out of Mat Daling last weekend.

    Overview. I have discussed the possibilities of doing this route with Syahril almost a year ago but haven’t initially agreed on a date. Only after riding to Pos Kuala Mu earlier this year, the urge has become more and more real and despite a few date setbacks we have finally fixed the ride.

    We converge at BHP Karak on Saturday morning around 7.30am and the weather is hazy and foggy.


    The morning ride is covered with fog and probably haze


    We reached Jerantut around 9.45am and refilled before departing to Kuala Tahan through Felda Padang Piol.


    This area had a good tarmac with nice bends.

    We had a breakfast at this roadside eatery and Syahril had a roti canai GST.

    Kedai Kome @ My Place at Kuala Tahan - ask for Roti Canai GST
    It is almost 11.00am when we entered this road.

    Camera check!
    Halfway through Kampung Pagi, this unfinished road section has big, loose gravel and we had to reduce our tire pressure to ride through it.



    The construction of the road is active when we passed through.


    When completed, it could be one of the most beautiful road in Peninsular Malaysia.

    We stopped by Bukit Botak and chatted with this worker that is trying to get phone signal under this small shade.


    The day is very hot and humid and we have to stop several times to take some water and rest.

    There are small sections of the road with very slippy wet mud surface and I fell two times




    After about 3 hours, we have finally reached Kampung Bukit Mat Daling and stopped by a grocery shop. It is here that we found a refrigerator filled with iced-drinks and it felt totally out of this world!

    DSC_0552. Catching my breath, felt like having heat stroke!


    We found a campsite by the river, about 1km ahead of the grocery shop. Here is the coordinate.


    Syahril had a major leg-cramp just as we are going to set up tent, so he went for a natural therapy session.

    From 5.30pm untill 6.30pm we heard loud thunder from the sky around us. Heavy rain could washed out our camp site..

    However we are so blessed that night, with no rain until the next morning despite the continuous loud thundering in the sky above.
    On the menu for dinner is meat curry with tomatoes, spicy squid (all fresh from can) and coffee.


    Later that night we chat and chill watching campfire. The sounds of river streaming and fauna around us filled the night. Syahril was reluctant to sing despite a few requests made..


    Around 11.00pm we retrieve to our tent and called it a day. At 3.00am I heard loud water splashing and footsteps around our tent. A couple of buffalo herds crossed the river, making loud water splash in the process. I really thought that it is wild boar charging into our tent. Loud snoring filled the tent nonetheless.

    The next morning, we had instant nasi lemak for breakfast


    and I had extra instant noodle for energy boost.


    The riverbank is covered in mist as the sun rises, something you can't see everyday. Note the buffalo footprint on the sand near Syahril's bike.


    As we are packing our tent, a group of local kids came with the their bicycles.


    Syahril handed them some chocolates and chips that really cheered them up.

    I fell again, that morning from unbalanced weight of side panniers and on-site repairs are needed to fix my DRL.


    We stopped by the same shop and fill up our tanks. Petrol is pumped manually here at RM2 per liter.


    Syahril had local groupies surrounded him


    After a few quick photography session, we ride out of the village around 11.00pm.

    We exit through the same route as yesterday.


    Buffalos are free to roam these areas
    We stopped by Bukit Botak again
    One of the highest peak, en route Kampung Pagi, elevation 360m

    One of local school available here with considerably good amenities


    We stopped by Kuala Tahan for lunch at this floating restaurant by the jetty. Food were average here.

    We went back through the same route and reached Gombak rest area around 4.30pm.


    We are fortunate to have good weather during this ride because we are on 10% offroad - 90% road tires and it could be a big problem if it’s raining.

    The incomplete route is a solid reason to return to this village but to all adventure and nature lovers, it is a perfect place to go and camp.

    Credits to Syahril Zulkifli for all action camera (Go Pro) pictures

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  2. Nice trip alright - you guys are certainly enjoying the good life out there camping away from the big smoke.

    I bet that felt pretty cool in the fresh air.

    I see a Komine Super Titanium riding jacket - my preferred hot season jacket because of the good ventilation + it works well in a spill. How do you like it - it seems pretty new. What do you do in the wet - insert  the spray liner or put on a rain jacket over the top?

    That front tyre on the Versys looks like it needs to be replaced too I reckon DSC_0603-960x540.

    Thanks for the trip report. I enjoyed reading it.

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  3. Hi David,

    We normally put on jacket on top of the komine titanium jacket. That jacket isn't new and probably he'll change it very soon. Syahril enjoyed it very much especially riding under the hot sun, even in the middle of the jungle.

    Both of our tires need a replcement and I have another offroad ride by the end of October. I am looking at Mitas E-07 or Pirelli MT-90 local distributor for replacement.

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