Ride for peace?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just having a late lunch at "in town" and on the wall in front of me is a poster for a event called ride for peace. There's few pics of Harleys on it and it says; big C Arena, Donjan Chiangmai, 22 oct. 2011 in English, the rest of the information is in Thai.

    Does anyone know what this is?
  2. Peace is overrated!
  3. Is that Tiger Kingdom in Town, if so I will pop in and see what the Thai words say. I know there is a bike party behind Big C (the one a few Km further South than the Big C Extra which was Carrefour), on Saturday eve 22nd. Last year they had a few bikes on show inside as well as some stalls outside and the usual stage and group with limited food but plenty of drink. (of course there was food available inside Big C as well)
  4. Yes is was at Tiger Kingdom in Town, on their veranda...

    I visited a event last year outside a Big C along the super highway, maybe the same as you mention, just a few bikes, but a whole lot of new trucks and pick-ups, more like a car show. This looked to be something else, at least from the poster..
  5. I met a Thai guy today at a Northern Comets charity presentation. He was involved with the ride for peace. These are the details I managed to get, but please be aware that these Thai organized groups are very flexible in their plans and things often change from plan..
    They expect around 40 bikes to meet from 6.30 am for 7.00am departure, Saturday 22 nd Oct from the Three Kings monument in the old town. They will travel past Lampang and lunch in Prae. On to Nan for overnight. Sunday am to Payao for lunch and the group will split, some return to CM and some will go on to Chiang Rai for another overnight.
  6. Thanks a lot for that John.

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