Ride from Bangkok tomorrow

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  1. Sorry for the late notice but I only got confirmation that the track is available today.

    Heading for the circuit of Thailand http://www.ngcasia.com/explore/longwayd ... sodes.aspx at Nakhonchaisri, I haven't been before so I could do with a guide. Otherwise, it's me being a berk with my new GPS.

    Meet at the big coffee place on the corner of Ekkami and Sukhumvit at 0730, Saturday 23rd.

    It costs about 1000B to ride on the track all morning (I think).

  2. Ant and Tom came along. Ant got us out of bkk and most of the way then my GPS actually did something before its battery ran out and got us the rest of the way. It took two hours to get there but only one to get back! Next time it will be 1 hour each way.

    Ant and I both went on the track, the cost was 900B. There were two other riders and one car. It's well organised but relaxed so that the car was never on with the bikes but nobody clung on to any allocated time that they didn't need.

    Ant being faster than he has any right to be on a Bandit 12

    Man of the match was definitely Ant. On my GSX14 I can barely keep up with him so I bought a Fireblade. Now I can barely keep up with him on a Fireblade.

    Fireblade is tiny, especially under me!

    The track at Nakorn is tighter and slower than Bira. It took me till the last session to be happy with my line and really enjoy the ride. While learning the track, I had one 'moment' when I thought I was heading for the undergrowth (and the hospital bed next to Glenn*) but nothing came of it.

    First proper sports bike I've had since my GPZ900R in 1873

    No pictures of Tom, I'm afraid, as he was perpetually behind the camera and he just came along for the ride and did not use the track. Get some new tyres Tom!

    One of the guys we met at the track told us the short way home, and that was it. Great day.

    *get well soon, mate.

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