Ride from the UK to Thailand 11 weeks in 2012, if you got the time and the cash.

Discussion in 'Global Trip Reports' started by Fatlad, May 31, 2011.

  1. http://www.motoexplorers.co.uk/uktochina.htm

    Seriously thinking about some time out and taking a trip like this next year they are doing one this year so will be great to read the reports.
    Going through the following countries
    West to East Europe
    Czech Republic

  2. 560.000 baht??? That's expensive!!
  3. Hey Man
    When i go to Pattaya it costs on average 8k every day, 8/7/11weeks = 616000 baht.
    A once in a life time adventure, but think riding with a bunch of old farts for 11 weeks would do my head in, riding with one or two companions is ideal.
  4. Some friends of mine did a similar trip but from KL to London on Versys'. However, the whole trip was sponsored by Kawasaki Malaysia including the bikes. I was green with envy when i read about it.

  5. Very Easy In Tinsel Town
    1500 Hotel
    1500 Yum Yum for night
    400 Pay fro Yum Yum leave bar
    400 Breakfast as you need to feed them
    250 Bike hire
    50 Fuel
    400 Massage
    600 evening meal
    3000 Booze and lady drinks at night

    8100 Baht

    This is why i only stay 4 nights if it was 11 weeks as the trip i would not be able to call my self fatlad anymore, and i think i would be dead.
  6. Those figures make sense to me :)
  7. Wow thats does sound like an awesome adventure.
    What caught my eye from the tour websites link was this:

    Yamaha Tenere 660Z; £15950 - tour + bike hire inc all spares.
    Or £17495 inc tour & bike purchase.
    A great rugid simple bike - fully equipped to do the job.

    Now 17.5K GBP all in including the purchase of a Tenere. I have no idea the cost to purchase such a bike in Thailand, lets assume it would more than likely be around the 600K baht mark. Thats 12K GBP at todays exchange rate meaning the tour would only cost you 5.5K GBP. Now keeping the bike in Thailand raises issues, but thats another subject completely.

    I wonder if the bike is new.
  8. Yes i was thinking the same, and the bike is kitted out with luggage and GPS, Emailed the guys already no reply, just wonder if they have set off on the 2011 tour to Thailand, would realy like to catch up with the team when they arrive here in Thailand:thumbup:
  9. Would be interested to know what kind of feedback you get from them.
  10. Received this email from Steve this morning:

    But then you will need to add 46 nights hotels, only china paid for, food for whole trip and fuel for the whole trip, spares etc.
    So would recon the total cost would be 17/19 UK pounds which makes it Fiiing expensive, can buy two new super teneres for only 19k in the UK.

    thanks for getting in touch, your plan sounds fine - easily possible foryou to meet with us from UK, Europe, or in Astrakhan - Russia, ahead ofKazakhstan , or from Zarghent last town before China. Both locations we havehotels / precise Gps address to meet at.

    Datefrom UK is 15 August.

    Etafor Astrakhan 1Sept, or before China, 17Sept. China is 32 days to Laos border.(from there I guess you already know)

    Iam away from base until next week, so can send you more precise details after Ireturn. Prices to do the China stages will be aprox £5700-£6500 per person/depends on what date join / how much support / any kit to carry etc. Aprox£10495-£11295 tbc, for whole tour from UK. (with own bike / otherwise +bike cost)

    Costswill include; Chinese guide, support vehicle, all permits for foreignregistered bikes, Chinese license, customs clearance fees (+services of agentsto deal with formalities) All hotels - good quality 3/4* with breakfasts x 31nights, plus route notes / gps waypoints for riding in China.

    Hopethat helps,

    Bookingcan be anytime before Dec this year / payment and copies of rider documents areby March 2012.

    Ionly aim to have 7-10 bikes on trip next year, will close reservations once wereach the required number (I prefer just small groups)



  11. Hi

    I decided to take the china part of the trip in 2012 together with a friend of mine. We will be leaving from Holland around August 7, 2012 and will meet up with the organised trip at the Kazachstan/Chineses border by mid September. The route to Kazachstan/chinese border will be a little different than the organized tour, more south through Siwitzerland, Austria, Coatia, Bosnia, Serbia in to greece - Turkey and than most likely Georgia, Azerbeijan and up in to Russia to make a loop there in to Kazachstan.

    We have start to prepare and organize ourselves. Does anybody have any experiences driving in those places? Or does anybody have any links to a list of "do's and don'ts" or "bring and no need to brings" or something like that. There are many things to think about and a tick off list would be very helpful.

    Will keep you guys posted on the progress of the preparations and by mid 2012 of course on the trip reports.
  12. Really interesting I am thinking of going from England to Thailand maybe next year not that way thought .I will go from Thailand into china I was going to buy a bike for the trip in England then ship it home at the end, I was thinking 6 months . As i then want to do australia then America in separate legs .planing to do it on my own but obviously meet up with people and use Thailand as a base as its my favourite place still . I will keep a eye on how you get on .
    Interesting re how the bike works out as it seems the bike of choice but not sure it will be powerful enough for the long European legs ? I was over at assen just for British super bikes good fun and hiring a bike in Thailand in 3 weeks time.
    Keep us all updated safe riding

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