Ride from Udon Saturday November 24 2007

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  1. Ride Plan: Saturday 24 November 2007

    Meet at the Caltex Gas Station Nung Bua Lampu Hwy at 0900

    To Nung Bua Lampu

    Left on the 228 approx. 53 Klms to unmarked road right turn to the 201

    (This may be good road or bad road don’t know)

    201 Left Turn

    To 2361 right turn to the end

    ( Don’t know if there is anything there we will find out LOL)

    Back to 201 left turn.

    Approx: 27 Klms to 2400 Right turn just before Nong Hin

    2400 to 210 turn right and back to Udon.

    Best guess between 370 and 400 Klms.

    Just looking at someplace I haven’t been before and try to be in the hills a bit.

    Guys if you have idea for day ride please pass them on, it’s getting harder and harder to find something different. So input would be appreciated, so rides around 400 Klms would work nicely.
  2. Thats great no one on a Bike weekend so the guys should be around for this one, did you get the phone number for Tung Dee?
  3. Well thats the good thing about riding you can have it the way you want it.

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