Ride group in Bangkok?

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  1. Hi! I'm wondering if there are any groups that get together regularly out of Bangkok for rides? I think BKKriders is now defunct, but I might be wrong.

    I've been riding regularly for about 20 years, but I've just started riding in Thailand and I think it's smarter to ride with a group than alone (and more fun!). I know that Pattaya and Chiang Mai have established groups with regular rides, but I'd like to get together with fellow BKK'ers.
  2. Shinji was the kingpin of BKK riders but since he left.......... You could be the new kingpin. Send a message to the news group or to the webmaster on the website and tell him you want the job. 8)

    Thaisuperbike get together on Tuesdays for beer and BS usually at Gullivers on Soi5 but you need to join the yahoogroup to get notification of who is going. Rides are usually discussed on said yahoo newsgroup.

    The secret of getting a group to go riding is to publish a date and route/destination. So someone needs to do the planning. Like in running clubs pace groups can be sorted at the meeting point before the riders leave. :idea:

    The more people you know or keep in contact with the better your chances. :wink:
  3. What I did was to avoid a official group just started a e-mail list for anyone who wanted to participate, it worked. But not exactly a I expected any one on the list can put together a ride. But as Mike points out someone has to call for a ride. More the likely that is going to be you most of the time :lol: As time goes along other guys will get involved, but it takes a long time for that to happen. Guys usually help one form or another but generally they don't like sending the messages, but thats OK

    But it works.

    I live in Issan so not as many riders localy as where you are, maybe you could just put a ride on the forum. S Don't expect miracles it takes time.

    So here you are you see a problem. You have the abilty to form answers, or to ignore it.

    In the end it's up to you to change things so you can enjoy your time. My suggstion, decide a ride a place and time to meeet. Go ther wait a few minutes past the time. go wu ith who shows up, do ride reports about the rides and soon more and more people will show up a everyone sees your actually having fun.

    Good Luck
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys!

    Mike: I tried to join the Yahoo group but because Shinji is gone all applications are refused. I don't know if membership can be opened by one of the regular members, but I know that there are many Yahoo groups that can be joined without "application". That would be a good rallying point though...
    I didn't know about Thaisuperbike, I'll check that one out now!

    Ray: That sounds like a good plan, sometimes the spontaneous get-togethers work out better than the planned ones. Between here and ThaiVisa I think there should be a fair number of BKK riders that'd be interested in a spin out of town.

    Now I just need to come up with some ideas on the where and then figure out routes! ;) I guess a little more research is needed!
  5. Well you got the idea, Thai visa is not bad either, from time to time I will post on other forums to build the ride list up. I try to give it a week notice.

    The ride list that we have here is now spilt into two different groups, Johm does the one in Khan Kean, whcih is really for sports bikes. I try to do the Udon group depending if the back will hold up.

    One of the riders from the White Devils did one last week with good success.

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