Ride June 14th


Oct 14, 2005
I guess this is a ride report, somehing we must have 50 times over the years, so I'm not going bother about the roads Ect. But it was one fun day. Met up at Lucy's Ubonrat Dam. Mars was his normal great host. Had lunch a few of the guys had some toddies. Then we headed out to Riggers place to see his new shop.

This is the first time I met with all the White Devil in about two years, nothing changed great bunch of guys always joking around, I heard more laughter today then I have heard in months.

They were taking a motor out of one of Milos bikes never did understand why. So here these guys who started on the Toddies around 0800, it now about 1400 and they had had fair share at lunch as well. So they are diconnecting things going back the manual trying to remember what they just read before the three foot walk.

Turned into an international task as Lucky our French rider who hadn't done the Toddies joined the three Brits who had. Final one last snip off of something walla an engine sitting on the floor. Before this lucky was pleading quickly quickly as he was holding the wieght of the engine. Dil is busy recording the event with his camera, not sure if it was for gifts or late bribes :lol:

I tried get a pool going for when the bike would run again, no takers not even form the guys working on it.

John from Khan Kean and his wife got into this mess, first time they had met these guys. Several of the wifes there, the norm in life sit of to the side quietly talking I heard Ting Tong Farrang, these guy are nuts. Pretty darn accurate :wink:

There was a new American guy who had just started teaching in the village. Hadn't been riding and real debateable if he will ever get back on one again. He rode with rigger. Now I have known rigger for about four years I think. If his bike has a front end I've never seen it. Only the tail light and as a norm I don't get to see it for very long. Gary held back so we could get to the right place. So the new guy got a real tastes of riding today. We tried to convience him if he had his own he could decide how fast it was going to go. I don't think it worked :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

What can I say this one wasn't as much about riding a sharing a great day.

I was amazed we did about 250 Klms and only hit mild rain for the last ten back into Udon.

Well if you could have made it you really missed great day.
Sep 4, 2007
Thanks for the report Ray and agree a very enjoyable day.
Been to Ubonrat many times, but not aware of Lucies Bar, decent farang food and Thai food next door for the ladies.

Pleased to meet some new biking buddies and enjoy the hospitality of the White Devils, thanks Brett and co.
Brett and the White Devils have built the workshop below, a great facility for maintaining, upgrading etc your bike, I am lazy these days and just enjoy the riding, leaving the mechanical stuff to the 'experts'
Also able to come from Khon Kaen and return on my favourite road in Isaarn, the road from Ubonrat which runs right down the side of the lake to the number 12 highway. Good surface, nice bends, and fantastic views, just watch out for the cows.


So thanks all for a good day, and hope to see you Saturday in KK for a ride to Maha Sarakham, and a meet up with more local bikers