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Oct 14, 2005
As you guys know I started a ride notification list where e-mail are sent directly to guys who wanted to participate as well as posting it on the forum. It really grew and with growth comes pain.

The diversity of riders really became difficult to deal with, being Mr. Cha Cha and many more proficient riders showing up. I was really at a loss and as to be expected lots of complaints from both sides of the fence.

Well the answer two lists and help from someone esle.

As luck would have it finally found someone as silly as me, that would help with the fast group. So he will do that and has my help anytime he needs it.

Me I'm heading up the sick lame and lazy list, just kidding. Guys who don't do the long distances, ride slower prone to stopping a lot. Sort of fits me better.

It was an amazing thing to watch grow, for some reason the direct e-mail notification resulted in a lot of guys who might not have been out riding with others coming together.

This would never replace nor was it ever intended to to do what Gtriders does.

But it does seem to get people together for rides. I met a lot of nice guys that I wouldn't have met otherwise. So it was definetly worth while.


Dec 18, 2007
Good for you Ray. Please keep going.
If it was'nt for you and Capt Slash touring Isaan most of us would'nt know there were any bikers up there.


Oct 14, 2005
It was real stroke of luck running across John from Khan Kean, he will be sitting up the faster riders, with rides and I think posting them here as well.

I will continue on with the Cha Cha riders and hopefully people will have a method to meet and share. There are wonderful rides here, just have to find them.

Capt. Slash is really the one to congrdualte, I only ride as a m norm once a week and then have time to post. He is out and about eveyday and still
finds time to share the experience with others.
Sep 4, 2007
Hi There,
Ray has passed me a list of riders, he calls the A list and I am trying to provide a monthly ride the first of which is detailed below. Details will be emailed to each rider on the list and also posted on this group and the UdonMap forum. I am still compiling the email list and so first emails will go out in the next few days.
I would like to call the list the Sports Ride list as I think this best describes the difference, where the riders gain pleasure from the physical act of riding a high performance motorcycle, as well as appreciating the beautiful countryside around. Safety is still number one priority, but these bikes can operate safely at a higher speed than the larger heavier, mainly chopper type bikes. So it is expected that these rides are a little quicker and cover more distance with less stops than the B list rides. However they will in no way be competitive rides and speeds will be in accordance with road and traffic conditions, and anyone who enjoys this type of riding is welcome, on whatever machine.

I am based in Khon Kaen and the first couple of rides will start there. So first ride Saturday 19th January leaving as below at 9.30am.

Ride to Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol in Roi Et Province
Long 104.31942 Lat 16.32882

Leaving Khon Kaen From Shell Garage on Sri Chan Road (Kalasin road) 209 heading East.
Long 102.8740 Lat 16.42759

Directions to Shell Garage Khon Kaen.
From Udon heading South on 2, go to junction with 209 and 12 (The Right turn on 12 goes to airport and Chumpae, but we turn left).
Turn left at this junction, onto Pracha Samoson Road No 209 signposted Chiang Yuen /Kalasin.
Stay on this road until it joins Sri Chan road, also called 209. Turn left, still signposted Chiang Yuen 209
Meet at Shell station on left after 400M.

The ride to the Chedi is around 180 km of mixed, fast and interesting roads, all on Tarmac.
The Chedi is situated in a large park and is a few minutes walk uphill from the CarPark. The area has many eating places and craft stalls etc. It is anticipated that 1 to 2 hours is spent here. This is partly because it is an interesting place, but also as it is our first ride together, gives a chance to get to know other riders a bit, and also maybe a chance for B group to join, see below.

There are a number of alternative( fast and straight, or more interesting) routes back to Khon Kaen, however it is likely that Ray 23 and some of the B group guys from Udon may join in part of the ride and may spend the night in Roi Et, travelling back on Sunday. The sports group riders may do the same or travel back the same day.
The options for return travel can be discussed over lunch at the Chedi.
Roads used include:

Anyone who would like to be added to the Sports Ride List please pm or email me.

John Gooding


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Good on you guys for trying to better organise more rides & riders.
I wish you success. Please keep going, as after the rides(s) you will generally feel it was rewarding.