Ride report 10-6-2007

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    Ride report 10-6-2007

    First let me give the easy way to Ubonrat Dam. .From Udon Hwy 2 to 2109 turn west and you will go directly to the Dam

    Now what we did 210 to Nung Bua Lampho 2109 east to Non Sang. Before Non Sang east on 2109. 2109 becomes a loop you want to go to the right towards the Dam. Not sure if there is a sign indicated the dam or not at the turn. But you will only have a choice of right or left, go right.

    This will bring you to a section the reservoir with some really great sights, as you come to the end of it you will see the Dam complex on your right. Nice golf course and other things to do inside the complex including a nice air conditioned restaurant serving Thai foods. You will be issued a pass to enter I have never been charged a fee to enter, nor asked for one.

    Where we differed is we went to Lucy’s for lunch. I could not find a number of this road on the maps I have available. So I can only say as you enter what starts to look like a city, from the dam really only a few blocks of businesses off the side of the road. From the dam turn right about two Klms you will see Lucy’s on the right side. It’s just a great break spot and be prepared to be spoiled. We show up and are really treated much more like friends the customers.

    After lunch we continued on this road this will lead you around the reservoir, which is really large. You can continue on the road and end up in Khan Kean if you desire or a loop that will eventually lead you back to Nong Bua Lampho. We were trying to limit the ride time yesterday so we didn’t do that. But we did travel about 20 Klms down the road so everyone could have a look at it.

    On the reservoir side you will see small restaurants, there are places to rent party boats for fishing and I believe they will actually fiery food and drinks out to you if you wish. Some of the other guys have done this I haven’t personally. I’m also told there are places you can rent Jet Skis there a well. Again something I haven’t tried myself.

    This is a section to be careful in we went through six herds of cattle you have to use a bit of caution doing this. You spook them and you have a problem. I’ve never seen that many on the road before they were actually lying down on the road instead of grazing on the side. Guess they were cold and warming on the asphalt. It amazes me unless you do something to frighten them generally you can ride right through the herd and they will just stand and stare at you. I don’t think I would like to try that with cattle in the states. I do know riders who have been hurt doing this so caution is important.

    We retuned to the Dam went to restaurant I mentioned had a nice ice cream treat for desert an enjoyed the aircon and view. Then took a tour through the park complex, really very large.

    There is a very large white Buddha that sits in the hills above the Dam complex. Someone wanted to visit. Bit tricky to get to it, you make the first right as you’re coming out of the check point and follow the road to the right. When we first came to it I looked at what had to be hundreds of stairs steps to wall k up to this. I thought no way am I doing that. The guy who was leading the ride had been there before. So we just continued on that road and actually parked with fifty feet of the Buddha and walked up about five steps. There is a truly spectacular view from this location. You actually get a look at how big the reservoir is, it extends miles and miles.

    I had my first experience of a blessing by a monk. I was told it was for luck, must have worked we spent the entire day out there and only had about five rain drops as we were pulling into our driveway.

    If anyone wants to try this road believe me it is very step and curvy. Very narrow only room for one car at a time. Even on the bikes, at least mine it was a challenge. The guy ahead of me was on a 800 Suzuki and he could putt putt up it. Me and my 400 needed a bit of room to get rpms up to climb it. Actually thought it was going to stall few times . There are other advantages in H.P. other then just speed. The Guy on the Valkerie actually climbed this in third gear. Me I was in first hoping I was going to make it LOL

    From there we just returned the way we came.

    A great day, rode with some of the new guys and actually met up with a friend that I have enjoyed these things with for five years. He is constantly on the go so our paths hadn’t crossed on a ride in about a year. So good catch up time conversation. The lunch at Lucy’s was good. The place is actually named after the daughter whom I think is about nine years old. It’s funny the owners wife always seem to be sharing Som Tom with the ladies as we eat away on farrangs foods. The Thai food comes from places down the street and nobody seems to get upset about orders coming from there. As a matter of fact yesterday there was a very busy waitress carting food to the ladies table. One of the guys wanted bread with his lunch, this isn’t a farrang area, the owner told him next time let him know he was coming and he would have it for him. What can I say just nice people. We missed Gary from the White Devils group based in that area. On our return trip I’m told that someone was waving as went back by Lucy’s. I didn’t see him but the other guys did. They thought it was Maurice the owner just being his friendly self. The wife after told me it was Gary LOL

    These rides can be just as much social event as well as rides. I really think this is the part that the ladies enjoy.

    Have no idea what we will do next weekend but I’m sure someone will come up with an idea.
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    Hi ray,
    We really Enjoyed the ride yesterday, a good crowd to run with.
    See you next week end
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    Ok but we need some ideas LOL

    I have to agree this time the right guys came together and it really has been a joy. Maybe someone will break down and join us sooner or later.

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