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  1. I live about as far south as you can go, and still be in the Sydney Street Directory... my mate lives about 45mins (at 120km/h) south west of me...

    He had asked me to go over and help him put the engine back in his Datsun 240z Rally Car... I just thought I would take some pics on the way back to show some of the guys on here...

    It is getting towards winter here, so it is down to between 7 and 12 degrees overnight, and low twenties during the day... so a little bit cool on the bike, but not too bad...

    This is a couple of pics on the road near my mates house (Broughton Pass between Appin and Wilton)

    view over Gunamatta Bay, near my home

    This is Broughton Pass Bridge, near my mates place, there is a road through here which connects the coastal highway with the inland highway it doesn't carry much traffic, but a few bikes use it on the weekend

    Broughton Pass, near my mates home

    Not a km up onto the plains the view is very different.

    Wilton Road near Appin

    On the way home I thought I would drop down into the Royal National Park near my home where there is always a heap of bikes (hundreds) on weekend mornings, but by now most were gone so I didn't stop... a bit further up the road I stopped to get some road photos.

    Royal National Park, Otford.

    A couple of guys were waiting for a bike carrier to come and pick up this bike that a guy who they had never met had dropped on a test drive from the dealer... could be a bit expensive for someone... he had left in an ambulance, even though he was only apparently doing 5km/h when he laid it down...

    Pikey, notice what one of the guys was riding???

    The damaged Duke

    By then it was getting late so I had to push on, but I will try and get down there one morning to photograph the bikes gathering...

  2. Well, I had a couple of hours to spare this morning, so I went for a roll through the Royal National Park, which is 2 minutes from my house...

    A lot of riders ride through here ever weekend, and on a sunny summers weekend morning, the car park at Bald Hill will be full of hundreds of bikes...

    This morning it was 9 degrees, so not many bikes, but still a new bike or two arrived and left every minute or so... so lots to look at...




    I stopped off in the park on the way home to get a couple more shots of the bike...



    By the way, I had a puncture through the week, and had to get a new tube fitted... took the guy an hour, almost dropped my bike off the lift, and cost me 1500 baht...

  3. Charlie Boorman (of LWR/LWD/Race to Dakar) has just finished another doco, called By Any Means, and the final leg was a ride form Wollongong into Sydney... about 500 bikes turned up for the 3 hour convoy...

    here are my photos from the start at Wollongong...


  4. Hi Daewoo,

    Yep, noticed that Bonnie in the pic earlier in this post. Looks like you have some pretty nice riding areas over there mate. Finally finished tweaking my Bonnie and it looks/goes a bit different from standard now



    I had custom bars, pipes and a seat made here locally, chucked in a K&N filter with suitable jets and changed the rear light & indicators and now i love it!

    BTW, we were on a ride last year and came across a crashed Multistrada too - those flighty Dukes don't seem to like the company of Triumphs too much ;)



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