Ride report October 20 th 2007


Oct 14, 2005
The route

Jet station left on Nong Khai highway towards Nong Khai, to 2021 left on Ban Phue road, through Ban Phue over to 2348 to Nam Som, then through Nam Som and left on 2348 to Mae Khong river right on to 211 toward Sankhom on 211 thru that past the Guest house, lunch there, and then on through Sri Chang Mai toward Tha Bo and thru there on 211 toward and back to Udon on that road.

This is a short and really beautiful ride approximatley 320 Klms.

Excellent road most of the way soem real pot holes to consider from Ban Phue to Nom Sam, but if you slow down your kidneys will probably survive.

The section on 2348 to tha Mae Kong is nothing but gorgeous, curvey roads and climbing, just a real pretty Mountian pass with a liitle or no traffic on it. The one thing when we went through large amounts of and at time covering the entire road way. Probably as a result of recent rains

The place we ate our second thime wa DD Guest House, a probably the only farrang food for 100Klms. I don't know they name of he village but about 190 Klms out from Udon start looking for it on the left side. sits right on the river and there were a Talot sit up on the side of the road just before we got to it. Don't know if that is everyday or what but if yuo start looking at about 190 Klms you should be able to find it. Owned by an Irish guy, not a bad cheese burger and what looked like good Thai food.

We did see somehting unusual on this trip just befoer we got into the mounain pass an entire village was out cleaning the roads.

There are two other ways to this but this has to be the be best, difficult enough to let you know that your out riding, but comfortable enough to just enjoy.

This is one I would definetly do again. Cut out that section between Ban Phue and hings jut don't get any better