Ride Saturday February 2, 2008

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  1. We will meet at the Shell Gas Sation on Hihgway 22 at 0900 hour ( 6 Klms from BiG C )

    To Ampoe Sawang Din north on the 2280 to Ampoe Tham Ta Kla

    Approx. 7 klms past Tham Kla we take the 2206 to Kong Long

    Then the river road back to Nong Khai (209)

    Nong Khia Highway back to Udon

    I picked this area simply because I have not been there before the map indicates, good road but who knows.

    I will caution everybody we are going to have to move along where we can this is not a short trip. It's 163 Klms to Klon Long and that is only about 40% of the trip. My goal is to make Nong Khai before dark. The Nong Khia Highway at night is easy.

    Got an oil leak guys got to get that taken care of before I run all over the place.

    There are Motorcycle drags in Udon on Saturday anyone want to meet up for that admission I hear is 30 Baht.

    Let me know

  3. No I got more milage out of this one then the OLD BSA I had years ago before that happened :lol:

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