Ride Saturday January 6 Th 2007

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  1. This is a rescheduled ride to Erawan cave, I forgot about New Years in planning the event and some of the guys going with us from Nong Bua Lampho, told us that about every 10KMS there were road blocks doing drunk driver checks.

    Not wanting to dodge the drunk drivers for the weekend we decided to opt for next week. So we will leave from Lotus around 9:00 A.M. on Saturday. You guys who ride these rides are a chance to meet other riders in the area, so try to get out and meet some great people.
  2. I guess that would help wouldn't it we are starting from Udon Thani and will probably pick up more riders in Nong Bua Lampho around 10:00 A.M.
  3. Hope to see you there.
  4. From the Nong Khai Highway when you get into town the first light will be at ring road, turn right Lotus is less then a Klm on the left hand side. I will PM you my phone number.
  5. Yep that one is pretty simple and you should have my phone number by now see you Saturday
  6. All and all a good day ride, I was surprised I thought I had seen someone post that Erawan cave was 140 KMS past Nung Bua Lampho, turns out it is 94 Klms from Udon. So a lot shorter then I was anticipating.

    Had three Brits a French guy and two Americans on the ride, so interesting conversation on the stops. The only thing I didn't like was all the passing. Scared the heck out of the wife can't say I blame her not much control from the back. So we just poked along about 80 or 90 on the way back. She is really scared from the accident we had last year had nothing to do with speed but if your scared your scared. I like for her enjoy these rides as well.

    I had been before I had climbed all the stairs so I passed on that, but got a very tired wife back who explained there were 621 of them. If you go it is worth the climb to see once :lol: She got her chat with Budda and got my first string in Thailand, maybe it had something to do with the passing :shock:

    The one Brit had a 650 BMW that he had purchased new in Bangkok and the only rider I have ever met that had first class insurance, purchases through BMW, actually wasn't nearly a expensive for the bike as I thought just little over 500K. On the board there was a posting about them financing bikes as well. They don't have the cruiser style bikes I like.

    To bad Honda hasn't figured out how to provide the same kind of service for purchase, there is a very nice 750 setting right here in Udon brand new, but cash only and that takes it out of my budget.

    Well an easy ride and a good day.

    By the way I had another English lesson today Captslash who joined us means something very different in American slang.

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