Ride to celebrate Alan's Life - Baan Ricky Feb 14, 15 16. 2014

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  1. G'day All,

    Had a chat today with Ruben and Ricky.

    Early stages of planning a weekend to ride Alan's trails at Baan Ricky and have a few beers in the evenings.
    Quite a few people people that would like to celebrate Alan's life and a proper send off riding the trails Alan found at Baan Ricky.
    (If it wasn't for Alan we would have all been riding around some what lost)

    Early planning stages ..

    Looking at riding a bunch of Taff's trails over the 14, 15 and 16th Feb 2014.
    Accommodation at Baan Ricky and in town, plus camping on the lawn if you want.

    If you didn't know Taff but would like to join, you are more than welcome.

    Details below regarding Alan's passing away.

    More details to come as time gets closer.

  2. That sounds like a great idea! Count me in! :)
  3. Would love to. Are the trails difficult or easy? I've not ridden off road before
  4. Great news dudes, can’t wait. i know there is 1 trail that kept beating him along the bottom of the lake, we should tackle that one. tried it once and it turned into dense jungle and we had to go back with alan declaring “its a bit over grown round here’.
    basically the plan is to follow the electric pylons, il put up gps later

    <img src="" url].
  5. Don't worry. Everyone is out for a fun ride.
    Just go at your own pace. No one will be left behind.

  6. Thanks for that.

    When are you guys planning to leave from Bangkok? Will you all be riding there on your bikes or loading it onto a pickup? I have a Ford Ranger which I am willing to offer to load my own bike and one other.

    Regarding accommodation, I would like to stay at Baan Ricky's as well if possible. Should I contact Ricky directly?

    Sorry for all the questions. Cheers :)
  7. I am so sorry. 1 week after or 2 weeks before it could be possible. But that date is in the middle of a tour. No chance to join your all in Sai Yoke. Sad. Good luck for the weekend.
  8. Restaurant open. Camping available, Two bungalows available (I will be sleeping in the Siam Hammock :)
    Accommodation available nearby if the bungalows are gone.

    Ready to roll and ride Alan's trails..

    Going to be a great weekend..

    If any fellas with wife and squids want to join. It will be a family gig.. all welcome.

  9. Ah cool, you're going to camp? Then I'll do the same!! Looking forward to a great weekend!! :happy2:
  10. My plan is to stay at Baan Ricky on Friday night and hang out with you louts, and then Saturday night to camp at Phu Tat water fall, near the hot springs... Please join at Phu Tat if you like...:)
  11. We (me and my son) plan to join too. Plan to ride it down 2up and then rent a KLX there. I was there at Baan Ricky last year and have explored a couple of trails. Seem ok for us since have very limited experience.

    Will need lots of advise from you guys. Thnx.
  12. G'day jsbkk,

    More the merrier. Suggest you get a really early start form Bangkok. (Sunrise)
    That is one busy road to Kanchanaburi.

    Also get in touch with Ricky as he only has one KLX.. There are other bikes for rent too.

    Can you PM me your email address.. If I hear of others riding down. Will pass on the details
    Always nicest to do that ride with a couple of blokes.

    My Pick-up is full as Tony BKK will be coming with me.

    See you soon.

  13. Looking forward to this weekend in honor of Alan. Gone but certainly not forgotten!

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