RIP Alan Taff Davies

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  1. A big surprise today to hear Alan "Taff" has passed away back in the UK.
    GTR Handle a-tecracing



    Well known for his love of off-road riding based out of Pattaya and the last few riding seasons at Baan Ricky Kanchanaburi.

    Genuine bloke that loved his riding.. The business side always came a distant second.
    A number of times I asked Alan to give me some coaching and ride around Saiyokyai together..

    Always at the end of the weekend he would never take any money and say you are a friend..
    Beers it was. We spent a great new year together at Baan Ricky last year..

    A few trip reports I can find below that Alan was instrumental in making happen..

    Baan Ricky Enduro

    Baan Ricky New Year 2012/13

    Quote from Alan:-
    "I maybe 6000 miles away, but good to see you enjoying Kanchanaburi"

    A post from Alan

    RIP mate.
  2. A very sad news. He was a god dammed good fellow. RIP Alan.
  3. i hung out with Alan in pattaya a few times ,, such a nice decent chap ,,what a shame my condolences t his family .
  4. Oh my, what shocking and sad news to hear that Alan has passed away- I was so looking forward to riding with him again. He was kind and generous to a fault and will be missed :cry:
  5. Sad news & very sorry to hear. Alan had a big heart, was a star in the expat off road scene, popular with everybody.
  6. ^ A heartwarming article, thank you for sharing. I'd have never guessed Alan was 53!
  7. Ricky of Baan Ricky organized a service for Alan yesterday up at Baan Ricky in Sai Yoke Yai. It was a very touching service to remember Alan and the good times we had with him up in Kanchanaburi. I also got to meet his window, it was very sad... Here is a snap of the memorial...

  8. Harry just bumped this picture from a fun weekend with Alan last year. I hope he won't mind if I share it here:
  9. So what actually Happened to Him? I have seen No Reason for Departing at a relatively Young Age on this Thread?
  10. None given.. Ignoring the Thai rumour mill.. Take 2+2 and get 24.

  11. I believe he had a heart attack but its not confirmed .

    in the last 4 years have seen a few pals shuffle off from Cancer, strokes and heart attacks in their mid forties and early fifties ....most appeared in good health , but one never knows ......
  12. Let's not speculate fellas.
    Best leave the families wishes to privacy on the matter intact.


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