Ride to Chaing Mai Bike Week From Udon

Discussion in 'North-East Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by ray23, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Two of us are leaving for Dan Sai around 1200 hours 12-3-2009 . We will overnight in Dan Sai then on to Nan the next day overnight in Nan then to Chaing Mai.

    Slow easy ride and sight seeing.

    Most of the guys here will be going up through the bike weeks, hopefully they will poast their ride.
  2. Ray,

    If I read your post correctly, please tell me CM Bike week is in March? I'm picking up 2 D trackers from Mr Mechanic on 12th for 5 days. Was going to do MHS Loop but is there any other events on?

  3. Dam just realized the date is in US format....ah well..
  4. Hahahaha

    That is funny,, i mena i have falen this same trap in past, as we have lads around the word and using they own Date format,,,CM bike week was Dec 5th.
  5. ASBO if you check the events section of the forum you will find the 2010 bike weeks listed. I edit the first entry and is accurate as I know things to be at the moment.

    Americans don't use the same format as European's we put the month first, old habits die hard :lol:
  6. Thanks Ray. I should have realized this as I work for Allstate (but based in Europe).. I'll check that out. thanks


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