Ride to Khon Kean Bike Week Friday the 20th


Oct 14, 2005
We will be leaving form The PTT (Jet) Gas staaton on Koen Kean Highway first one on the left at 1000 hours on Friday the 20th. Makign a big Mac run while I'm there LOL

My understanding is Eagle riders will come up on Saturday Morning, I don't have their schedule yet. So again two ways to get there LOL.

We will be staying at he hotel listed in the message. I think Eagle Riders have anothre place they like. I will post their info when I get it.

See you on Khon Kean

> Hi Ray,The link below will give you most of the info you
> want.
> http://www.khonkaenorchid.com/index.phpYou are welcome to
> come to the event location on Friday and I will guide you to
> the hotel location which is only 3 mins away.The event is
> near Makro, if you are going south on No 2 highway, go past
> Home Pro and when you see Makro on your RHS, take the next U
> turn, its quite a way. Then come back and the event is on
> your LHS about 200m before Makro, the entrance will be
> signed. It is Patunam market area, you turn left into the
> Patunam Market and drive straight on right thro the shopping
> and parking area, you will shortly come to the bike event
> area.Nothing happening official on Friday evening after
> about 6.30pm. I have agreed to meet some guys at the
> Sophitel and a little tour around KK evening entertainment.
> Some friends from Chiang Mai and also Marco and Peter and
> Tony etc who you met last week. You are welcome to join. We
> can chat about that Fri afternoon.On saturday the ride was
> scheduled for 10.00am start,
> we may bring that forward by 30 minutes as these things
> never get off on time. but I suspect we will not get away
> until 10.It is up to Nam Pong on quiet roads, down to
> Ubonrat, up to the Bhudda, then down the lake road to a
> small school, genuinley underfunded place where we will have
> lunch and present to the school. Back to KK before 3pm then
> another ride around the town for those who could not make
> the big one. Checked out the ride with some locals today,
> met some of the kids, very quiet village by the lake, no
> tourist type visitors so they really apprectiate somehting a
> bit different.Look forward to seeing you


Sep 4, 2007
Hi Folks,
Further to my message to Ray above, I can confirm that there is plenty of accomodation still available for Fri, Sat, at prices from 300 bht with AC.
Thats not the Orchid, as above where Ray is staying, that is filling up and is around 600 Baht. Eagle riders will be staying at the Rim Bueng Inn just by the town lake Bueng Kaen Nakhon. That is 300 baht or 400 baht with lake view. Rooms still available. Anyone in need and wanting help booking, please pm me or email for details
Look forward to seeing you in KK. Cheers, John


Oct 14, 2005
May go with you guys to see a bit of night life, will leave early though. Only thing I concerned about is pick up the key to the bike the wife puts a helmet on. Can't escape :lol: Might mess things up a bit so I will probably pass. We both like getting out of the cave :roll:


Oct 14, 2005
we will be stopping at a village school for lunch and the event committee will make a donation. Mihgt not be a bad idea to pick some class room supplies or something I suppose we can just chip in.

As John says don't have to but not a bad idea me thinks