Ride to Lak Sao

Aug 31, 2005
I had attempted a ride to Lak Sao the weekend before but only managed to get 36km down the road when I broke down. Jimoi called me last Thursday to tell me he was heading out that way so I offered to join him for the ride. I'd taken my bike to Fuark to get fixed and everything seemed to be OK again.

I only had 2 days so had decided to only go as far as Lak Sao on Rte 8, near the Vietnamese border on Saturday and return to Vientiane on Sunday morning. I also had promised to do some work on the home front so needed to get back home around lunchtime Sunday. Due to the time constraints I didn't visit the tourist caves or continue down to Rte 9 and return via Thaket. All that didn't matter as Rte 8 is another brilliant motorcycling road with hardly any traffic (at least on last weekend) and in very good condition. For those wanting a bit of dirt action there are many side roads offering adventures into the unknown. The scenery is spectacular. There are magnificant waterfalls spilling halfway down cliff faces that can be seen from kilometres away.

The power stations for Theun Hin Boun and Nam Theun 2 dams are in the area. The Theun Hin Boun site can be seen from Rte 8 and it is a huge set up. You can already see the effects of some of the dam and river diversion work on the smaller waterways that are almost dry even before the end of the wet season.

This area has reached the backpacker trail but not to the same extent as the north. We didn't see any other travellers last weekend. Greendiscovery are setting up an office and guesthouse in Thaket so they may start hiring out XRs from there so the boring Rte13 south ride from Vientiane can be eliminated.

Anyhow a few photos.

Jesus died so we could ride.


We stayed at the Seng Chom Guesthouse AKA Joy Guesthouse in HinBoun (i think) cost $5. Clean with fan, cold shower and mosquito net.


And met Ralph who serves up some of the best french fries/chips in Laos. He runs a small restuarant and soon to be guesthouse with his wife Mon. His place is right on Rte8 near the Thuen Hin Boun Power station.


The landscape


Jan 15, 2006
Hello mister craypot....and Jimoi and others if any.

if you have time ...pass by papaya spa and have some ride !
let's go have some fun in mud...

jean louis

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