Ride to Phon Pisai now rescheduled for 14th Nov

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    This ride which was postponed in July due to Flu now will happen on Saturday 14th November 2009

    Please see details in new post below
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    Previously postponed ride now happening 14th November.

    If it looks strange having these three postings, it has happened as I have edited out the text regarding the old ride in July and its postponement in case it caused confusion.
    Could not delete the whole post.
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    I am pleased to say the ride that had to be postponed due to flu problems in July, is now rescheduled for Saturday 14th November.
    Joining points at Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nong Khai.
    All timings, places, and details of the school are below.
    I hope to see you there.
    John Gooding

    You're invited to join donation caravan to the school in Amper Ponpisai, Nong Khai. There are several hundreds of needy kids without family awaiting us for the day. Age range is from grade 1 to grade 12. In most cases, without parents, kids here are adopted by the school which is (1 of hundreds) continually subsidized by King Bhumipol.

    Of course, we gonna meet others biker freinds who mainly from Udonthani and Nong Khai area.
    Cool bikes, great rides and enjoy lunch treats together with school kids.

    Who : All biker friends and non-bikers
    What : Lunch treat & donation ride for school kids
    When : Sat. 14 November 2009
    Where : Ratpranukor School 27, Amper Ponpisai, Nong Khai

    For Udorn riders, you could join at "Big Cycle" 08.30am (15mins stop)
    For Nong Khai riders, you could join in front of Tesco, Nong Khai at 09.30am (stop&go)

    For Khon Kaen riders, meet at Parking lot, City Pole House, Khon Kaen (distance Khon Kaen - school is ~210kms)
    07.00am Leave from Khon Kaen
    08.30am Arrive to Udornthani and meet Udon bike club at "Big Cycle" shop
    09.00am Leave Udornthani
    09.30am Stop and go at Tesco, Nong Khai
    10.30am Arrive to School
    10.45-11.30 Donation and welcome speech
    11.30-13.00 Lunch with kids
    13.00-14.30 Kids Activity with motorbike
    14.30 Leave for home

    Since key organizer is local supermarket in Udornthani called "Ngeesoon" and already prepared a lots of such stuffs as book,pen,pencil,snacks for donation. Therefore, do not really need very much for stuffs, but need only "you" to join.
    Thank you very much and see you then.

    "......Ratprachanukor school 27 is in Amper Ponpisai, Nong Khai and located at 27 M.18 Tambon Joompol, Amper Ponpisai , Nong Khai. The school is free of charge dormitory school have kids from grade1 to grade12. Academic focus on professional education for sustainable career in the future of orphanage kids with opportunity to be a good person with social responsibility according to the inspiration & policy of King Bhumipol. Kids will be ensured to grow up with moral and good governance which do not become social problem but a leader as a part of social of happiness....."

    Co-ordinator, Khon Kaen Rider

    International relations, Khon Kaen Rider
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    :D Just a reminder that this trip will go ahead as planned on Saturday 14th. Hope to see some of you there.

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