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  1. Hola. I fancy a rideout to Phrao. Tomorrow sunday 11th Possibly stay there overnight come back monday if anyone fancies it. Does anyone have any info re road conditions etc mileage and approx hours to get there Best regards. Gary.
  2. Mileage is easy enough to work out via Google maps. Not sure where you're riding from so can't really be more helpful on that one. Same goes for route & roads etc
  3. Hola. Forgot to say. From chiang mai. Ta gary.
  4. Lol. Google maps reckons it should take around 3 hours but experience tells me that is a load of rubbish! It's quite a nice ride up there and the roads are pretty good to be fair.
    You can go via 1001 through Mae Jo and out that way or go on the 107 through Mae Rim. Which ever way you go you can drop onto the 1150 in Phrao and come back via the other road to make it a loop. You can also go the other way on the 1150 and come back via the 118 Chiang Rai road to make an even bigger loop.
    The road does get a bit rough up near Chiang Dao / Mae Teang areas as they are building new roads. Nothing really bad or anything just down to single lanes each side etc.
    Should be a nice little ride out if the weather holds up. I'd take waterproofs though as your in the mountains for the most part of the journey.
  5. Thanks for help and info. I am going to use 1001. Looks like a nice twisty road. Hopefully not too much rain lol. Will let you know hiw i get on. Ken Yam might be going as well. Final decision am. Ta Gary.
  6. Hola.went to Prhao. Today. Approx 90 kms from chiang mai. Lovely road. Sunshine all day. 1001. Then left to Chiang Dao. Stopped and visited cave. Fantastic cave. Hands and knees job for part. Then 107. Back to chiang mai. Excellent day out. Thankx for help and info. Gary.
  7. Were you on a big cruiser type bike 2 up?
    Think I may have passed you on the 1150 going the other way if it was you.
    Saw the post last night and then when the weather was looking good today I decided to do the same loop but went the opposite way around to you.
    Was indeed a very good day to be out, managed to time it to perfection to get back to CM in time to have lunch in The Pub then back home for the final rugby game of the day.
  8. Hola. Cloughy. Yes that was me on yamaha midnight star. 1300. You were on a white bike ? I waved or flashed hello. Obviously not knowing it was you. Lol. Hope you enjoyed. Weather. was excellent all day.Try and link up next time. Gary.
  9. Yes that was me lol. I was gonna go to Doi Inthanon but then remembered you mentioning this idea so decided to do the loop as it had been a while since i last did it.
    kind of wished I'd set off earlier and there wasn't any rugby on though so I could have had the whole day out.
    Was still very enjoyable though.
  10. Yes i had excellent day. Chiang Dao cave was awesome also saw red tail racer snake at cave. Im off to Louang prabang for four days. Maybe meet upfor rideout soon. I went to Doi inthanon a few weeks back. Cold at top. Lol. Went to Pai last week great day out with some GT riders. Road was pretty cut up last 20/30 kms to Pai. But still excellent day out. Catch up soon Gary.

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