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  1. Rider's Inn workshop.....

    Hi all, as you know Riders Inn opened early in December, lot's of good thing's being said and rightly so. It appears that there is a hole in the market for such a place which is good for the biking community in CM, it's great to be with so many fellow bikers... talking bikes http://www.riderscorner.net

    I wondered who took care of all this machinery, on asking it appeared that there was no one place, I asked many questions and I thought I could do that, leave blighty and come and live the dream.........others seemed to be doing it, why cant I? After speaking with Phill we thought it might be an idea to put a small workshop in the far corner of his bar,we realize this had it's limitations, but it could be a start

    I will not bore you all with a CV, but give you some indication of credential..

    Served a 4 year Apprentership on Mercedes, worked as a Mechanic for Bmw, Audi and VW, left the workshop and went into the office, my last job in the Trade was Service Manager at BMW Motorrad Park Lane, Currently I teach Motor mechanics in a small college in London, I'm 45 years old and have been fixing bikes since I was 12.

    The question I wish to ask you all........................... would this be of any benefit to you and CM

  2. You cannot do ANY type of work in Thailand without a work permit and the proper visa. There are many restrictions on exactly what type of work you can perform. I am not an expert in this field, so perhaps some others can advise exactly what steps would have to be taken. There are many shops in Chiang Mai, some with good reputations and some not. Just don't get the feeling that you would be the "only game in town" so to speak.
  3. Red tape aside old chap.........could it possibly work?
  4. I think the idea of a restaurant aiming for a high quality food reputation, with motorbikes being serviced in one corner is counterproductive. I would certainly use someone of your experience for my 2 year old FZ1, but what would probably work really well is someone with a well fitted van who is willing to travel to service bikes around CM and surrounding areas, with a small workshop to back it up.
  5. Yes there is a Market for a decent Bike Mechanic in Chiang Mai! But as John said, I am not sure if the Corner of the Restaurant is the Place to do it? The Key to it is to actually do the Work and not go Tropo and get complacent like so many other Farangs who live here! Self Discipline and consistency is important! This means actually doing some Work before Lunch Time and not taking six months to Fix a Bike etc, You get the Point! At this Stage Joe is the Best Bike Mechanic in Chiang Mai but getting Him to find the Time to actually work on Your Bike is the Difficult thing! Good Luck!
  6. Decent high quality detail minded mechanics who only use correct parts are rare as hens teeth.. I used to get all my work done on Phuket with a farang engineer and he was always busier then he could manage.

    The legal side can be done, but to do it fully work permit and the incountry visa extension to not visa run will require Thai staff and theres a lot of nicle and dime costs that go with it.

    So yes it can be done, but not without some investment and money behind you to get rolling. Its not like you can hop a plane and start spannering.
  7. Thanks gents, very constructive....
  8. To get a work permit you need a Ltd company , you will pay a lot of fees and taxes , you MUST have 4 Thai employees to get a permit ....Is it viable .....a lot of red tape and bullshit and hassle ....I know i did it in Pattya .
  9. Corbay to answer your original question " No I would not repair or service my bike in a corner of a bar. " But if you had a professional setup either workshop/house or a equipped mobile service well hey I'll give it a go. A mobile service would work if you are motivated enough.

    Good Luck Ken F
  10. Well you can get the work permit without the thai employees, but you still will then be visa running every 90 days etc as you dont get the proper 12 month extension. Or at least thats how quite a few friends with smaller scale things (like divers) do it.

    But agreed.. Lots and lots of small fees and time wasters.

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