Rider Chris McCarty Memorial fund

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  1. Chris went through a lengthy illness and because of his age could not get Heath Insurance here. This has left his wife in a real bind, she needs a bit of help getting through this next month,

    I know this Christmas time and our budgets are probably pretty low right now. But, if you can chip in it's really needed

    Mrs Jaruwan Wangkun

    Krung Thai Bank

    Account Number: 428-1-49672-6
  2. Just want to say thanks to any that contributed. We are always there for the Thai youngsters. Nice to know that you guys can be there for a grieving widow as well.

    Sometimes it is one of our owns family that needs a bit of hand.

    It looks like if she gets through this month she will be able to get rid of the bills and get through this difficult time in life.


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