Riders in Phuket?

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  1. Hi everyone, will be living in Phuket very soon and would like to meet riders in the area of Keron Beach to catch up and suss out the local bike scene, its all totally new to me in Thailand so getting a handle on what's the go, where to go, local bike shops etc and roads to ride would be great :thumbup:

    I'm a 55 year old (young) aussie rider, very experienced rider, I'd love to bring my bikes over but I hear that's not so easy to do? I'm currently almost finished building an RGV250 with an XR650 engine Super Mono and a 200hp stripped ZZR1100 Street fighter, are these bikes usable or able to be used in Thailand? So much I need to know, will be arriving in Phuket around the 29th of December in time for new years, is there any bike events/party's on over new years?:huh:

    Chers guys and girls for any info.. Roo
  2. sound good Greatdane, will look into that for sure, is there many riders on this forum in Phuket?

    looks like we are both newbies to GTR? ;)
  3. This is one of the bikes I'd like to bring over asap, it's still got a full weeks work left to go on it to reassemble, we have the motor apart for head work and the chassis has just been beefed up to handle the weight of panniers for travel rides, its a simple bike so there's not much to it.
  4. I don't know about riders as such, I'm not really a rider myself, as I am not interested in bikes. I only have a scooter :shh:

    I joined here because I was going for a long ride through Thailand and was looking for places to visit on the way.
  5. Hi there. I am a 54YO rider in Phuket. I’ve ridden much of Phang Nga, Ranong, Surat, parts of Nakhon and Chumphon etc.
    I’m a sports bike rider, but I like to sports tour as well. Not really into the Harley and waist coat thing, I’d rather ride anything
    else almost. I draw the line at twist and go / small wheel death trap scooters. I’m a former Ducati Dealer and Parts Maker who
    now does many flat out rides on Honda 125’s. Why? Because there are parts and people who can fix a Honda anywhere if I cannot.
    So if anyone wants a smaller bike ride, I’d say Phang Nga is the closest place to do it on the backroads, where some fine
    riding can be had...damn fine.

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